What's Your Parenting Style?

What's Your Parenting Style?

There are so many parenting styles! And sometimes we embrace several different parenting styles, even within a few hours.

So what is your parenting style? Read on for a few common parenting styles

The classic Helicopter Mom likes to hover. You want to observe everything your little one does. Some describe this type of parenting as over-bearing, but you say you are just keeping your little one safe and taken care of. You do you, Mama!

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Utah just passed a bill, making "free range parenting" legal. "What we've done with this bill is just to define some specific things that neglect is not — like letting your kids play or walk to or from the park," says GOP state Sen. Lincoln Fillmore, the bill's sponsor. Basically you let your kid be a kid and learn things on their own, within safe limits. Let those kids range!

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If it doesn't make it on Instagram, did it really happen? You are constantly snapping the perfect pictures of your little one to post on social media. You also have an Instagram husband who embraces with your obsession with cute pictures. He patiently takes pictures in front of that awesome white wall while you pose and get your baby to smile. You will have so many great memories to look back on years from now!

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You know you couldn't do this whole parenting thing alone! You rely on family, friends, and neighbors to help you out when you are in the thick of your momming gig. You and your friends swap babysitting, have playdates all the time and you've got your mom and older sister on speed dial for when you need to vent or need some advice. You and your mom squad are stronger and smarter together

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