Vaginal Birth Envy - It's a Thing.

Vaginal Birth Envy - It's a Thing.

I had all three of my babies via C-section. The first one was emergency, the next two were elective. I'm grateful to have 3 healthy babies and for so many other things. 

I always really wanted to experience a vaginal birth, a natural birth or a water birth. It's something I'll never do, and that's hard. A few thoughts on this topic in case anyone else has some of these same feelings.

1- I can be sad & grateful at the same time. 



2- I am kind to myself, and content with the decisions my younger self made.

3 - A part of me is going to be sad about this for as long as I need, and that might be forever.  And that's okay.

If your feeling this way, I hope you know your not alone. 

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