Breastfeeding & Milk Supply Tips

Breastfeeding & Milk Supply Tips


Some good breastfeeding tips from some great Lactation Consultants!


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"I often get asked by expectant mothers what they need to do to prepare their nipples for nursing? The answer is: NOTHING. In the past, mothers were told to “toughen up” their nipples prior to delivery. But, we now know there is no special nipple care needed prior to the delivery of your baby."
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"While one milk boosting supplement will work really well for one Mom, it may do absolutely nothing for another. The best thing you can do is to increase stimulation to your breasts (ie frequent feeds, pumping etc) to boost supply."
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" One of the biggest myths of breastfeeding is that its normal for it to be painful. I like to say it’s “normal” be a little tender and sensitive in the beginning, but should not hurt or be painful. If it is, there is likely something that needs to be tweaked or assessed."

Some reasons why nursing might be painful and working with a Lactation Consultant immediately can help fix it:

  • -shallow latch
  • -not breaking baby’s suction when removing from the breast
  • -improper use and fit of a breast pump
  • -personal hygiene practices
  • -Raynauds phenomenon -breast or skin infections
  • -nipple blend

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Make sure baby's feet are supported or grounded on your body, with your arm, or on a pillow that is helping you with positioning! 

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Breastfeeding Mama in Undercover Mama Dress

Striped Nursing Dress


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