Essential Oils for Labor & Postpartum

Essential Oils for Labor & Postpartum

Many women like to have a birth plan when it comes to preparing for the birth of a child. Whether that birth plan includes a hospital birth, home birth, medical intervention, no intervention, natural, induction, cesarean, V-BAC, epidural, a doula, birthing center or traditional hospital: essential oils can be incorporated into all births.

Here is a list of oils that may be beneficial during labor & delivery:

For nausea:

 -Lavender - Peppermint - Lemon
Oils that may be beneficial for reducing stress:
-Citrus oils such as orange
-Stress Away (Young Living)
Oils that can be beneficial for pain management: -Chamomile-Clary sage-Ginger - Lavender - Lemongrass - Copaiba
Oils can be diffused for the benefits of aromatherapy or applied topically during labor and delivery. If applied topically, making your own rollers and diluting them with a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil will be beneficial because you can pack your rollers with you in your hospital bag. Be sure to ask your hospital or birthing center if you are allowed to Diffuse during labor and delivery
A wonderful roller blend to use during labor is:
10 drops Clary sage, 10 drops geranium and 10 drops lavender (fill the rest with a carrier oil)
Anointing your new baby after birth with Frankincense is a beautiful way to welcome your child into the world and bless them with this sacred oil. Frankincense is also known to be a natural immunity oil so it also may help to keep germs at bay from all of the visitors.
The use of essential oils during the postpartum phase:
Make a happy mama roller to help with emotional support and bonding after delivery:
10 drops tangerine, 10 drops Joy (Young Living) and 5 drops lavender (fill the rest with carrier oil.
Joy essential oil is wonderful for breastfeeding and bonding.
Valor oil (Young Living) is excellent for emotional support. You can apply it neat to your wrists and inhale deeply and a drop over your heart.
Postpartum hair loss spray:
1:1 witch hazel and water
10 drops lavender
10 drops rosemary
10 drops cedarwood
*apply to Hair daily in a spray bottle
You can use essential oils three ways:
1) Topically: to apply topically you can use 10ml roller bottle (or any size you desire). Add 20-30 drops of the essential oils that the recipe calls for & dilute with carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil. You can apply oils to your feet and spine, wrists and back of neck.
2) Aromatically: aromatherapy is an excellent way to use essential oils. The water in your diffuser will
Dilute them down for you. Grab your diffuser, Add tap Water to the fill line, addd 8-10 drops of oils & turn on.
3) ingesting: only oils that are FDA approved are the ones that are safe to ingest. Young Living has a Vitality line that are oils approved for ingestion. Lemon oil in your water is an excellent way to detox and cleanse. Just add one drop to an 8 ounce glass.

*always consult your doctor before trying anything new.
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Note: not all oils are created equal. It’s important to use oils that have no synthetic additives or are diluted. Young Living oils have their seed to seal promise which means they oversee the production of all oils from the planting of the seed all the way to the bottling after distillation. They own all of their farms, are non-GMO and have a third party vendor inspect all oils before they are bottled. Essential oils are not regulated and therefore any oil bottle can say 100% pure therapeutic grade (even if that is not the case). Do your research and only buy oils from reputable sources.
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