5 Ways To Stay Comfortable During Postpartum & Speed Up Recovery

5 Ways To Stay Comfortable During Postpartum & Speed Up Recovery


You had just given birth! Congratulations! And now, during the postpartum period, which is the first 6 weeks after birth, you are going to be dealing with a new set of discomforts. However, there are tips and tricks to help you stay comfortable during this sensitive time and speed up recovery whether you delivered your baby vaginally or via C-section.

1. Provide The Best Care To Your Birthing Areas

If you gave birth vaginally, you are going to want to make sure that you care for your perineum as well as you can by putting an ice pack on the area every few hours during the first week of birth. Additionally, you will want to make sure that the area is clean by spraying warm water before and after urination so there is no irritation. Taking a sitz bath with Epsom salts a few times a day for 20 minutes will also help ease the pain.

If you had a C-section, you will want to make sure that your incision area is kept clean by washing it with soap and warm water once a day. You will then need to dry it with a clean towel and then add antibiotic topical ointment so it won't get infected. You will also not want to carry anything heavy and do any vigorous exercise to help it heal properly for the first 6 weeks.

2. Treat Your Aches And Pains

If you need to take acetaminophen if you are in pain, do so as per instructions. You will want to take hot showers or use a heating pad to help ease the pain as well. Or why not even treat yourself to a massage? You have most definitely earned it!

3. Make Doing Kegels A Habit

This is highly important to do, regardless of how you delivered. In order to get that area back into shape, Kegel exercises will help postpartum urinary incontinence and will help you get back into shape to enjoy that intimate time with your partner again. Get started with postpartum Kegel exercises as soon as you feel you are up to doing it. Ideally, you should do 3 sets of 20 each day.

4. Eat Healthy Foods To Help Speed Up Healing

You might not be able to cook as others should be taking care of you right now, but you can ask ask them to make you and your partner healthy meals. Or if you get takeout, opt for the healthiest options around. Firstly, you need the nutrients to heal, and secondly, you need the fiber to help you start becoming regular again. On that note, you will want to add stool softeners to your vitamin routine as well, at least for the first couple weeks. 

5. Stick To Comfortable Clothing That Will Be Kind To Your Breasts

You might have some pain as you recover, so you are going to want to stick to only comfortable clothing during the postpartum period. And whether you are nursing or not, you will want to make sure you are kind of your breasts by either placing a warm compress or ice packs to them. If you are nursing, you will want to wear the most comfortable nursing shirts and Undercover Mama has the most comfortable postpartum and nursing clothing that you can ever ask for!


Another important thing to never forget when it comes to taking care of yourself during your postpartum period is by making sure you stick to your doctor's appointments. If you feel you are dealing with something more serious than any of the expected discomforts, you must see your doctor. That also means if you are feeling extremely depressed or anxious, please see your doctor as well! You want to make sure that you are taken care of so you can provide the best care for your new baby!

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