What Does Breastmilk Taste Like?

What Does Breastmilk Taste Like?

Have you ever been breastfeeding and noticed your baby seems to be gulping down that liquid gold better than others? Or rejecting it, like it tastes terrible? Well guess what? Your baby isn't wrong! Breastmilk is generally said to be creamy and sweet and have a good flavor, but there are several factors that can affect the taste of breastmilk. What are those things?

1. Hormones. If/when your period returns or if you become pregnant, your hormones may shift which can change the flavor of your breastmilk. 

2. Exercise. Extreme exercise can cause a build up a lactic acid in your breastmilk, which can make your breastmilk take on a bitter taste.

3. Medication. There are some medications that can affect the flavor of your breastmilk. You can check with your doctor if you notice a change in your baby's breastfeeding habits. 

4. Smoking. If you breastfeed shortly after having a cigarette, your breastmilk can take on the smell and flavor of smoke.

5. Alcohol. Drinking alcohol is known to affect the flavor of your breastmilk. It takes two hours for each drink to leave your body after you consume it. 

6. Freezing and Thawing. When you thaw frozen breastmilk, it will most likely taste slightly different than when it was first pumped. So if you notice your baby rejecting a bottle of thawed breastmilk, that might be why!

Are there any other things that you have notice affecting the taste of your breastmilk? Have you actually ever tasted your own breastmilk?

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