Three Hidden Bonuses to Babywearing

Three Hidden Bonuses to Babywearing

There's so much to love about choosing a sling, wrap, or other worn carrier to cradle your new baby close to you. It allows you to keep a close and careful eye on your little one, frees up your hands for other tasks, and can even allow easier breastfeeding.

The benefits of babywearing go well beyond the obvious, which is part of the impetus for International Babywearing Week. The annual weeklong campaign takes place from September 28 to October 4, 2020, and its intent is to both celebrate and advocate for the act of babywearing by spreading the word on its many benefits.

Ready to hear more about the good stuff?

  • It can create a more secure attachment between moms and babies: A secure attachment to parents is an important part of a child's psychosocial development, and research has demonstrated that babywearing can play a role in achieving this goal. In a study which assessed 49 children, the 23 who had been carried in soft/worn carriers during their first year showed a more secure maternal attachment. 
  • Baby may cry significantly less: A calm baby means a happy home, and babywearing is linked to a serious reduction in fussing. In a study measuring the relationship between infant closeness and crying, it was determined that infants held close throughout the day at random cried 43% less in general and 51% less at night than their counterparts.
  • Reduces symptoms of reflux: Babies who suffer with GERD are at risk of serious health consequences, and their fussiness and discomfort can have a big impact on parents. Wearing baby in an upright position is ideal for mitigating their reflux symptoms and keeping food down.

Of course, as this comprehensive chart by We The Parents reveals, these three benefits are only the tip of the iceberg. Both moms and babies are poised to reap legitimate gains when little ones are worn close.

To learn more about the campaign, visit the International Babywearing Week website.

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