The Bottle Buff

The Bottle Buff
I can't count the number of times I've had to retrieve a dirty bottle from under the seat of the car while out running errands, or have needed to wash a used bottle while playing at the park.  And even if I did bring along dish soap and a scrub brush, washing a bottle in a public restroom is always cringe-worthy.  Sometimes I don't have access to a sink at all.  Whether hiking, traveling, or even visiting a friends house, I have often found myself without a decent way to wash a bottle when
I really needed to.
Enter the Bottle Buff.  
To use,  just drop the Buff into a dirty bottle, along with a small amount of water if desired, and replace the lid and shake.  The Buff scrubs the sides of the bottle better than a bottle brush and the cleanser smell is light and refreshing.  Then dump the Buff out into the trash.  It is absorbent enough that any added water is soaked up.  Add some fresh water to rinse, then dump.  That's it!
The whole process takes about a minute and uses less than 2 oz of water, which I usually just obtained from a water bottle.  It also works for water bottles, sippy cups and dirty protein shaker bottles!  I have used it hiking in the mountains, while driving in the car (as a passenger), and I have even used it in my seat on an airplane.
Now, instead of packing several bottles if I am going on long outings with my baby, I can just take a Bottle Buff.  I love being able to pack lighter and also wash the bottle in a timely manner instead of letting it sit dirty all day.  But for those bottles that have been left for a long time, I have tried washing even the dirtiest of bottles that have accidentally sat with milk in them for weeks and the Bottle Buff was STILL able to get them perfectly clean.
If you are interested in purchasing this amazing product, or if you want to learn more, go to  
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