Breastfeeding Mistakes- Are You Making Them?

Breastfeeding Mistakes- Are You Making Them?
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1-  Not Seeking Help When You Need It:
You're not the first mom to struggle.  Reach out to fellow moms or seek the advice of a lactation consultant.  Studies show that women with a support system breastfeed longer!
Common Breastfeeding Mistakes
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2- Trying to Feed on a Schedule:
Watch your baby, not the clock.  Trying to schedule your newborn can negatively impact your milk supply.  Feeding on demand will help with milk supply and proper weight gain.
Common Breastfeeding Mistakes
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3- Stressing Out
One of the most common breastfeeding mistakes that is often overlooked is excess stress!  Remember, breastfeeding is a skill and you need time & practice to learn how to do it. Stress can sabotage your body, compromise your immune system and negatively impact milk production. Stress will only make breastfeeding harder. 
Floral Nursing Shirt
Floral Nursing Shirt
4- Not Taking Care of Yourself

Recovering from pregnancy and birth takes a huge toll on your body. Throw in hormone fluctuations, stress and no sleep and it's a wonder any mom makes it through.  Taking care of yourself should be a top priority. It's up to you to make it happen. If you don't help yourself, you can't help your baby.

Breastfeeding in Public

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5- Not Learning how to Nurse in Public
Many moms are nervous to breastfeed in public. Staying home forever is not a great option, so if you don't learn to nurse it public it can be a negative and stressful experience.  Try a nursing cover if it helps and the right outfit can help, like a nursing tank, dress, or shirt from Undercover Mama. 
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