Essential Oils for Baby

Essential Oils for Baby

I have spent the last 15 years babysitting many many kids, as well as raising my own six cuties. The last five years I have been using essential oils and am blown away at how much easier and happier it has made the kids and me. Here are some of my favorite oils to use with babies:

Lavender: it is calming, promotes restful sleep, helps with any skin irritations, and you can even massage along the jawline when teething. This oil is also very emotionally connecting, so it is great for moms or dads to use with their babies. You will both feel calmer and closer.

Frankincense: there is a phrase in the oil community, “when in doubt, use Frankincense.” It has so many different compounds, it benefits all the body systems. Rub on the feet and spine to promote brain development and support the nervous system. You can even put it on the gums for teething. Any oils you use for babies should be very high quality, certified pure therapeutic grade, as you don’t want anything that has contaminants to be applied to your baby’s body, especially to be used internally. DōTERRA is the only company I have found to always be safe for this.

Peppermint or DigestZen: supports the digestive system and all those tummy troubles, especially those first few months when babies can be gassy. Massage a drop onto the bottoms of the feet and then on their belly. There are so many reflexology points on the feet that just rubbing oils on the feet will actually benefit the whole body.

Lemon: very uplifting and mood boosting. This will be really beneficial for you as the mama. It is great for the little one as it helps their mood but so can help clear up any sniffles or runny nose. Just rub a tiny bit onto the bottoms of their feet every few hours while they are stuffy. Make sure they are getting plenty of fluids as the lemon helps the body get rid of toxins as well.

On Guard Blend or an immune boosting oil like Basil or Tea Tree: supporting the immune system is so important for little ones, so applying an oil every morning or evening like On Guard blend will help keep them healthy. Apply this to the bottoms of the feet, and as the baby gets older, on their spine, but make sure to dilute these with a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil.

-Cami Cooper

Cami works with essential oils to support emotional wellness and healing for kids and adults. Her goal is to bring hope to as many people as she can. She lives in Virginia with her incredible husband and 7,000 children. Just kidding, only six, but some days it feels like a lot more. They are amazing kids, and she is lucky to have them.

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  • Great article, sweet pictures. Pure oils are nature’s medicine. Happy baby, happy mama!

    Susan Alexander on

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