6 New Baby Must Haves

6 New Baby Must Haves

I wanted to share some of our favorite baby products that we are loving & using daily! 

#1. Brazil's best kept secret- Natura Mamãe e Bebê perfume. You can get it on Amazon and it smells like a dreeeeam! 


#2. The Woombie - This zippy swaddler is made of a stretchy jersey knit so baby can wiggle his arms up if he wants to but keeps him nice and snug. This is the best for nighttime with a newborn. 

#3. The Joonie - This is a carseat of our dreams! It keeps the wind and rain and little hands out perfectly. Check it out @gojoonie.
#4 White noise app - The ocean sounds on this app cut out the noise from what's going on in the house while baby tries to sleep. Also, we love the rain sound and it calms baby down and keeps them calm & sleeping at night. We love that you can keep these white noise options on our phone and close by at all time. 
#5. Nose Frida - I was a bit skeptical about sucking my kid's snot out through a tube but it is seriously the best! Way better suction than the blue bulb and you can use it for your toddler too. 
#6. Undercover Mama Nursing Top - This is a great staple to keep in your wardrobe because every 3 hours no matter where you are, you will easily be able to nurse! This top hooks to your nursing bra so everything stays in place when you lift up the top layer of the shirt. 

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