Baby Bath Favorites

Baby Bath Favorites
Do your babies love bath time? Mine all grew to love it, but those first few baths were rough! But there are so many amazing products out there to make bath time more enjoyable for both you and baby. Here are a few of ours!
This bath brush exfoliates your baby's skin, helping to prevent eczema and cradle cap with its soothing bristles. It's 100% silicone so it's durable and soft and resists molds and bacteria for longer lasting use.
You can never had enough little washclothes for bath time and these microfiber clothes are so soft and perfect to keep on hand. 
There's a reason that these are so popular! This cute little lotus sits perfectly into your sink to create a cozy little bath for your baby. It makes bath time easy, comfortable, and safe. 
What are your favorite baby bath time products? 

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