Easy Nursing Tank Style For Moms On-The-Go

Easy Nursing Tank Style For Moms On-The-Go

Nursing Tank Facebook Debate

I was scrolling Facebook and rocking my sleeping baby when I came across a friendly debate in one of the breastfeeding groups I follow.

A new mom was looking for info on whether she should invest in a few nursing tanks before she headed back to work. She went on to explain that she has a very busy lifestyle including a lengthy commute.

Everyone seemed to be chiming in with a recommendation for the best nursing tank style. I could only imagine how overwhelmed she was probably feeling. Social media overload is the worst, right?

Follow-up Question

I put down my phone and thought about her question for a while. Then instead of posting a link, I decided to ask her a quick question to better understand her needs.

"Hey there, mama! Are you planning to wear the nursing tank as a bra or are you looking for the perfect undershirt to go with your nursing bra?"

In just seconds she responded saying that she had tried a few nursing tanks in the store but none of them provided enough support. She was really hoping to find some sort of cami that would attach to her nursing bra. 

I passed along a link to the Undercover Mama Website for her to check-out.   

A few days later she sent me a private message relieved that the tank had come in the mail. Gushing over the practical design. 

#1 Breastfeeding Tank

After thinking about our conversation I realized there’s no such thing as the #1 breastfeeding tank. The best nursing tank is the one that makes your life easy because it fits your needs, budget, and style preferences. Find that nursing tank and you will feel good as gold, liquid gold. 

For me personally, I like wearing a nursing bra with the Undercover Mama strapless nursing tank because I feel more relaxed having belly coverage and easy access to my breasts when I need them.  

It’s kinda funny that two little loops have made my breastfeeding life so much easier. Want to see for yourself? Check-out this quick video.

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