The Gifts Moms Really Want!

The Gifts Moms Really Want!

Moms share their Mother's Day Wishes! You might be surprised.

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  • I wish....for peaceful parenting. @mckmnm
  • To sleep in. With no kids trying to wake me up. I just want to sleep!@anna_radlifeblog
  • I would love to be able to 💩 in peace without anybody barging in, banging on the door, sticking fingers under the door or screaming at me to ask what I’m doing. @mrs.tippets
  • I’d love a good cuddle session with both my babies. They really like to cuddle with their dad and sometimes, mama just feels left out! @pumping4twins
  • No laundry or 4 kids asking me to do ALL things @mereshopsalot
  • A lb of bacon delivered to bed. I feel like that is more realistic then asking for my 5 month old to sleep through the night. @sparkles0611
  • A day of not changing any diapers! Newborn twins = so. many. Diapers @jamienokleby
  • A massage! 27 weeks pregnant with #2 and chasing a 4 yr old has me sore and exhausted. But completely happy and blessed! @mrsjfbake
  • I wish that my baby will live long, healthy, fulfilling lives. And that these dang teeth will come through so we can go back to sleeping through the night.@cthomp88
  • For all mothers to be pampered from their children and spouses. @aikey25  

    • I wish for a day of total contentment from myself, my husband, and my kids. Just a full day of peace. @stacjlars
    • At 30 weeks pregnant I could just sleep one night on my stomach again! @heidinwild
    • To look like I have everything under control and not sleep-deprived from caring for my newborn. @naturally_oddmomma
    • To have this baby! I would love to be in labor! lol @mrs_vanwyk
    • Sleep in a little longer and coffee and baby-kisses in bed @erinj0y
      • I wish to eat my meal without having to get up and get a sippy cup, go get a different sippy cup cause I got the wrong colour, go get more food because the kids actually ate already while I got the sippy cup... I just want to be able to sit and eat my whole meal. Just one meal. @discoveringparenthood
      • For my three little boys to replace the word “Mommy” with “Daddy” when they need ANYTHING for the entire day. @michaiah_dominguez_miller
        • All I want to do is love on my daughter, and to feel appreciated by the hubby for letting him sleep every night while I’m up with baby all night. And maybe let me take a nap! Oh and yummy food. Always yummy food.
        • For my babe to sleep through the night & nap well @sammy.merrit

            As moms, we aren't asking for much, although it seems we could all use a little bit more sleep.  To all the mamas out there, thank you so much for all you do!  Here's to a day full of joy and a night full of sleep. Cheers mamas!

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