The Top Cover

The Top Cover

The Top Cover -the best selling half shirt for layering.

The Top Cover shirt provides the layered look and offers fuller coverage at the neckline without the length and bulk around your midsection.  

Undercover Mama Top CoverIt gives easy access for breastfeeding when wearing a v-neck or a low cut top.

It's reversible, for a higher or lower neckline based on preference.

Undercover Mama Top Cover

It is also perfect for pregnancy!  You don't have to mess with undershirts to accomodate your growing belly.

For maximum coverage at both your neckline and midsection, combine the Undercover Mama with the Top Cover.

Sizing:  Top Covers fit true to size. If you wear a Medium in regular shirts order a Medium Top Cover.

We'd love to hear your feedback about one of our favorite products. 

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