Pumping Advice From Real Moms!

January 20, 2019    /      Afterpay Integration    /    0 comments

We asked some real moms to share their best pumping advice.

Here you go!

"Pump while driving if you have a long commute." -Jessica

"Use the Haakaa pump!! Game changer! Also, massage starting from the armpit down to get all the milk out!" -Brooke

"Stand up for your pumping rights!!! After I had my first I had to talk to my supervisor about how legally they had to provide me space and time." -Kylie
 "Drink a ton of water. When you think you've drank enough, drink more!" -Rachel
"Hands free nursing bra!" -Melanie

"Make sure you have the correct flange size! Most pumps come with a standard size that only fits a small percentage of women. The correct size makes a world of a difference!" -Sierra

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