Nested Bean Zen Sleep Sack Review

Nested Bean Zen Sleep Sack Review

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I don’t know about you, but when I have a new baby I get pretty desperate and will do basically anything to get more sleep. So when a Facebook ad popped up advertising a swaddle and sleep sack that will improve your babies sleep in 1-3 nights, I couldn’t help but click on it. The video on the website explained that their sleep sacks had a weighted spot on the chest to replicate the feeling of mom’s hand on baby’s chest. It made sense to me so I placed my order and eagerly waited!

Now, my baby was only two months old and still being swaddled for sleep but I ordered the sack because my babies usually stop swaddling around three months. About a week later my Zen sleep sack arrived!

The material is super soft and cozy. I love how it zips from the bottom so you can easily change a diaper in the middle of the night. There are also two sets of snaps on the shoulders so your baby can use it longer. Such a great feature! I couldn’t wait to try it on my little guy!

Look how cute he is! But the real test would come at naptime. When Louis started looking drowsy, I swaddled him up like normal and then put the sleep sack on top of the swaddle and put him to bed.

Here is where the honesty of the review comes in. The Zen sleep sack didn’t really make a difference in little Louie’s sleep. I was disappointed. But then, something good came out of the purchase. I gave it to my sister to try with her baby. Milo doesn’t like to be swaddled so has a harder time sleeping since he is still so little. She tried it out with him and it worked like a charm!

Does it get any cuter!? Little Milo started taking longer naps and sleeping longer stretches at night! So the Zen sleep sack totally worked for him.

It isn’t a perfect solution for every baby, but I can confidently say that it will work for some babies. And for less than $30, it’s a worth a shot! Or get it for even less using the discount code PR-UNDERCOVER15 at checkout. 


Good luck, mamas!

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  • Taylor, I feel your pain. My little guy woke up every hour in the beginning. By day 5 or 6 I was literally crying every night because I was so tired. After about a week or two I kind of got used to it and after about 6 weeks he started sleeping in longer stretches. Good luck ❤

    Laura Atkins on
  • How old was Milo when she put it on him? I’m curious I have a 3 day old and am curious about this product

    Taylor Hagler on

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