Any breastfeeding or pumping mama knows the importance of maintaining milk supply. And if your breast pumping isn't doing its job, that could create a problem for supply. Many women experience a reduction in suction while using their breastpump. Over time, the elasticity of the valve membrane wears down causing them to lose effectiveness. But don't worry, there are better valves out there!

Our favorite valves are the duckbill valves. These can replace the valve and membrane on most breastpumps giving you less parts to wash, sterilize and assemble. Plus they are more durable which helps create a strong suction when pumping the breast. Thus giving you better output.

So snag some of these awesome valves and put aside your supply worries!

"I can't even believe the difference they make. Suction is 100% stronger (not exaggerating), my pump is so much quieter and better sounding, and they're just generally easier to take care of. AND I've already gotten over 2 ounces after 7 minutes of pumping. That's unheard of for me!" credit: Kari Neblock on FB