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When you're trying to conceive you become slightly OCD with pregnancy tests. You have to be sure right? But this testing can end up costing you A LOT of MONEY! The E.P.T.test can end up costing you up to $13 a pop which adds up pretty fast. But did you know that those dollar store tests are just as accurate?

Save Money While Trying to Conceive

According to this news article, there is no difference in the accuracy of the test, as long as you are doing it correctly. Plus dollar store tests tend to be more sensitive than some of the more expensive brands.  So if you are looking to conceive and find yourself taking tests multiple times a week, go for the dollar store tests to save a little money!

If you want to save even more money, check out these ClinicalGuard Pregnancy Test Strips, 20-count tests which are only $5.95 with free shipping!  We haven't tried them but they get great reviews!

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<![CDATA[The Miracle Beach Sand Remover]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/removesand/

 Beach days are fun, but the sand that's left behind makes for quite a sticky mess. Here's a trick we learned a while back that will make your beach days so much more enjoyable.

If you or your kids have dry sand stuck on feet, hands, bums (so hard to change a diaper at the beach), etc., try this:

1- Cover the spots with baby powder. The powder should absorb any moisture remaining on your skin.

2- Watch the sticky sand fall away.

You're welcome!

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<![CDATA[My Brest Friend]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/mybrestfriend/ Between the many mamas of Undercover Mama (and the many children) we have tried a lot of baby products and found what works and what doesn't. There are many nursing pillow choices out there but we have definitely found the best, the My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow. It perfectly positions baby for latch-on and makes nursing so comfortable for mama.  Different than any other nursing pillow, It goes all the way around your body and buckles in the back which gives so much more support.  Plus it provides a much more comfortable surface for baby to nurse on. We love the back rest and the arm and elbow rests which make it easier to relax while nursing.  Plus it helps with posture as so often us mamas tend to bend down or hunch over while nursing which creates so much tension.  

We have partnered with My Brest Friend to give away a Nursing Pillow and an Undercover Mama.  

My Brest Friend Giveaway

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<![CDATA[Hydration for Breastfeeding Mamas]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/hydration/

For breastfeeding mamas, hydration is essential.  You should drink frequently, preferably before you feel thirsty.  We recommend drinking 8 oz. of water every time you nurse.

Here are 3 tips to help keep you hydrated:

1-Find a favorite water bottle.  Our current fav is a Hydroflask Water Bottle.  We love it because it can keep your drinks cold for up to 24 hours plus it can have a flip lid or a straw and the color choices are pretty cute too!

2-Keep a pitcher full of water in the fridge.  Start with it full and empty it each day. You can even make it more interesting with some infused water!  Here is one of our favorite recipes from Simple Vegan Blog.
3-Don't overdo it! Drinking more water than you need won’t produce more milk and drinking too much can actually diminish milk production.

Want to win a Hydro Flask?  Enter to win one here:

Hydroflask Giveaway

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<![CDATA[3 Ways to Help Sciatica During Pregnancy]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/sciatica/

While there is little that can be done to prevent the onset of sciatica during pregnancy, there are some things that can help ease the discomfort:

1- A Pregnancy Girdle- These help lift the abdomen, while supporting the back. This brings ecreased pelvic and groin pain.  You can snag one of our favorites here or check with your doctor to see if they provide one free of charge.

 2- A Firm Mattress and Pillow- Sleep on a firm mattress with plenty of back support, and place a pillow between your legs to help keep the pelvis in better alignment and take some pressure off the sciatic nerve.  This is one of our favorite pregnancy pillows.

3- Yoga Exercises- Exercise can be great to help bring relief for Sciatica Pain.  Check out this youtube video here:

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<![CDATA[Essential Oils for Breastfeeding Moms]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/essentialoils/ Sometimes us moms need a little help boosting our supply.  Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in the leaves, stems, seeds, bark, roots, and flowers of plants and have a wide range of physical and emotional uses including supporting a breastfeeding mother. DōTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) essential oils work great!  Our friend Melissa is a dōTERRA consultant and has shared some of these incredible tips with us about Oils That Assist Lactation:


-Fennel and Clary Sage help promote initial milk production

-Basil and Geranium promote milk production

-Peppermint promotes a possible decrease in milk production


These CPTG oils can be used topically or taken internally.

TOPICALLY:  place 2 TBSP of a carrier oil, like dōTERRA's Fractionated Coconut Oil, in a glass bowl or container and add 10 - 15 drops of your chosen oil(s). Apply a small amount of the mixture on your breasts, avoiding the nipples.

INTERNALLY: place 1 - 2 drops in a capsule, in a small amount of water or under your tongue. Start off using them once a day and increase or decrease as needed.

Note: If you become pregnant, or have any concerns about using essential oils while breastfeeding, please consult your physician.

Melissa is a stay at home mom of two amazing little boys - a 17 month old nursling and a 3 year old toddler. dōTERRA essential oils have been a blessing for her and her family, and she truly enjoys sharing what she has learned with others, so that they too can experience the amazing benefits of these essential oils. More information can be found by visiting her website  or email her at melissamoore121@gmail.com

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are intended to support general well being and are not intended to treat, diagnose, mitigate, prevent, or cure any condition or disease.

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<![CDATA[Oh Baby Giveaway]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/babygiveaway/

Our founder, Elisa just had a beautiful new baby!  To celebrate, we've rounded up some of our favorite baby products into one fabulous giveaway!  Here's what's included:

The Naturalmat Top Mat with Carry Bag is a lightweight machine washable quilted mattress that rolls up neatly into a drawstring bag for transport making it ideal for travels with baby. Top Mat offers a comfortable natural fiber overlay to a crib mattress ensuring baby gets the best night’s sleep away from home. Top Mat is made by using deep tufted organic wool which is then covered with an unbleached cotton ticking, making it breathable and ideal for all climates. 

Silikids Gift Package- $50 worth of assorted items. Silikids combines function with high design and innovation along with technological advances of silicone. 

b.box Essential Diaper Caddy is a portable and stylish change station at home with an easy clean change mat. 

MAM Gift Package- $50 gift package of assorted MAM items.  MAM is a global authority on baby care product design and quality. 

NurturMe Gift Set- $55 giftpackage from NurturMe, the first and only family of certified-organic, dried fruit and veggie meals and snacks created to nourish healthy growth and overall wellness in little ones. Bursting with vital nutrients and fresh organic flavor, NurturMe’s Quinoa infant cereals, dried NurturMeals baby food and Yum-a-Roo’s toddler snacks help parents feed their children better from first bites to first steps, and everywhere in between. Includes: 4 bags organic quinoa baby cereals, 1 pouch each nurturmeal blend + nurtureal quinoa 4 yum-a-roo toddler snacks, 1 re-useable eco pouch, 1 BPA free baby spoon ,1 coupon, and 1 informative quinoa bookmark. 

Babyhome Taste High Chair - Taste is a very light, simple and safe high chair with a polished aluminum frame and wide, stable base from Babyhome. The seat is large and comfortable with a quilted liner. The chair features a new system that allows for the tray to be easily removed sideways with one hand without having to remove it completely. Additionally, the chair’s tray can be totally detached to be put in the dishwasher. The tray can also be fully removed for versatility allowing the use of the chair with or without a table. A five-point safety harness is included that can be adjusted as a child grows. The highchair folds easily in a single step compactly so that it can be stored in small spaces.

PacaPod Jura Bag-  Perfect to suit your everyday look whether that’s a worn wax jacket, or fur collar coat because it has an easy-to-wear over the shoulder style and comes in two much loved heritage colours: navy and cranberry. Tucked inside the bag is the brand’s revolutionary ‘3 in 1 baby organisation system’ which includes two detachable feeder and changer ‘pods’ which make it simple to pack and to retrieve essential items on the move and in a hurry. The lightweight ‘pods’ can be removed from the main bag and attached to most anything.

To make it even better, we threw in an Undercover Mama!

Enter here:

Oh Baby Giveaway

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<![CDATA[4 Tips for Beating the Baby Blues]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/babyblues/ 4 Tips to Beat the Baby Blues

After nine months of your body undergoing the most rapid and significant changes of your life, and then after intense physical exertion to bring your baby into the world in the most dramatic of ways, you should be able to sit back and relax, right? Well, maybe – that is, if your baby was born accompanied by a 24-hour nanny.

I found it exceedingly difficult to recover from birth and to bond with my first two babies. Struggling with a lack of sleep that led to hallucinations in the wee hours of the night, I quickly found myself in the midst of the baby blues both times.

The phrase “third time’s a charm” exists for a reason. By my third baby, I knew what was coming, and I created a plan that I hoped would either chase those ugly baby blues away, or at least minimize them. Happily, my plan worked, and I didn’t find myself crying in the shower or screaming at my confused husband just minutes after telling him how wonderful he is. These are the four things I recommend:

1. TALK – and talk and talk Analyze yourself like crazy.

Months before delivery, I started talking to my husband about how the baby blues felt after my other deliveries. Together, we analyzed my triggers: lack of sleep, not being validated, too much pressure to get back to routine. We talked about the warning signs that indicate I’m about to spiral: crying a lot, getting angry, not feeling like I’m bonding with the baby. Talk to your partner. Figure out what you need when you’re not feeling like yourself, and then make a plan to do what you need if and when you start to feel unhappy. For me, I need alone time, so I came up with ideas to get me out of the house by myself – and then I used those ideas once the baby was born. And keep talking after the baby is born. It’s ok to remind your husband every other day, “I really need you to ask me how I feel.” My husband actually put a reminder in his phone, which sounds ridiculous, but you know what? It worked. We talked. I didn’t spiral.


Say yes to help!  I accepted any help that was offered. My friend just texted to invite my kids over? Yes! The church offered to bring in meals? Yes! My sister wants to babysit and hold the baby while my husband and I get a bite to eat? Yes! I didn’t accept any help after my first baby, and I can tell you there was a huge difference this time when I did accept help. And don’t worry – once you feel back to normal, you can pay forward all the help that was given to you. And if you did step 1, then part of all that talking will help you understand ahead of time what kind of help you’re going to need. I realized I get overwhelmed when my house is cluttered, so I asked my husband to de-clutter every night. I realized I feel frustrated with my children quickly when my life is stressful, so I asked friends and family to be prepared to babysit. I realized I need lots of sleep, so when my husband was home, I let him take all the kids out of the house so I could take a nap.


I’m as cheap as they come, but I set aside money to hire a babysitter for the week after my husband went back to work. I knew that taking care of two kids was going to make it difficult to get to know my new baby. The babysitter’s mom dropped her off at lunch time, and I took her home once my husband came home from work. BEST DECISION EVER. I spent the mornings with my older kids, and then shut myself in my room with the baby in one hand and snacks in the other once the babysitter arrived. Since the older kids were taken care of, and I didn’t feel guilty because I was PAYING someone to take care of them, I felt completely free to stare at my baby and nap. It was wonderful. I paid the babysitter an extra dollar an hour to vacuum, sweep, do the dishes, and help the older kids clean their room. I literally had to do nothing that week except for cuddle and feed a newborn – and it was glorious.


This is probably the most important thing! Remember: You just sacrificed your body for nine months, then pushed a baby out of said sacrificed body. If you’re nursing, you’re still sacrificing your body. Whether or not you’re nursing, you’re sacrificing sleep, time, and emotions for that little baby. It is perfectly fine for your husband to get up when the baby cries. So he has to work tomorrow? You just pushed a baby from your body! A girl’s gotta heal. It’s perfectly fine for you to take a nap, to accept a dinner from a friend, to let someone clean up, or hire house cleaners.

There is no rule book that says we have to do it all, and in fact, life is a lot better when we don’t.

Rebecca is journalist and piano teacher turned stay-at-home mom who also copy edits for SheKnows.com, and blogs here at Thrilled By the Thought.

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<![CDATA[4 At Home Exercises for Working Out After Baby]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/workoutafterbaby/

Hi! I’m Brecke from @purefitpurefood. I just had my 3rd baby 6 months ago. I know working out after baby can seem like the last thing on your mind. You are up all night with a new baby, body is still not feeling like itself and you are supposed get in your workout clothes and workout!!?? Seems like the worst idea.

BUT once you get just start (just a little) It will help you feel better about yourself, and you will have more energy to take care of that new little baby.

Always check with your doctor to see when it’s safe to begin working out again. AND don’t jump back into doing core work too soon. Your tummy is healing too (think how stretched out it was)

Here are 4 great exercises you can do right at home, with our without weights:


weight between your legs (or no weight) lunge to one side keeping weight in the standing heel. Hold you core nice and tight. Try 12 each leg


 while in a squat feet turned out, punch those arms out from in front of you. 24 total.


walking lunges, while you are down in the lunge curl arms one at a time. Try lunging 20 times


this is more of an advanced move, if you want you can leave both legs on the ground. Chest is lifted slowly moving the weights down your leg and lifting one in the air. Try 8 each leg.

Ok! These are a great full body exercises remember to hold your core in the entire time.

You can find out more about Pure Fit Pure Food and the products and services they offer here.  Be sure to follow them on Instagram @purefitpurefood for great motivation, quick workouts and real food advice.

The lovely ladies of Pure Fit Pure Food are offering their 10 Week Transformation Plan to one lucky winner:

Pure Fit Pure Food Giveaway

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<![CDATA[3 Things to do for Pupps Rash]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/pupps/

PUPPS RASH, also known as Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy (PUPPP) is a chronic hive like rash that strikes some women during pregnancy. The main causes are unknown and the generally accepted treatment solution among doctors is ultimately delivery.

However there are some things that have been found to help ease this treacherous rash or at least take away the itch momentarily. Here are our top 3 things that can help PUPPS:


These are said to help soothe the itch while decreasing the red appearance of the condition. It may only bring temporary relief but even a little bit helps.


This lotion has a very distinct smell but it creates a cooling feeling on the skin and then numbs the skin slightly.  This definitely helps ease the itch.  Check with your doctor to be sure this is 

approved to use as it may not be safe to use around a newborn.


This is a soothing soap containing allantoin (anti-inflammatory), aloe vera gel, baking soda and coconut oil.  The smell is terrible and smells much like a camp fire, but the benefits many have reported are definitely worth it.

And 2 bonus treatments we have heard that work:
Banana Peels to treat the itch
Drinking V8 Juice 

*be sure to check with your doctor before using any of the above recommendations
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<![CDATA[5 Meals to Take to New Moms]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/mealsformamas/

Every new mama could use a little help with dinner. Here are a few of our favorite recipes for meals to take to new moms:

1- CHICKEN ENCHILADAS-This amazing recipe is a definite crowd pleaser.  Be sure to omit the cheese if the mom is doing no dairy (or any of the family members have a dairy allergy).

2-  GARLIC CHICKEN WITH ORZO NOODLESThis is a great kid friendly dish and a bit more mild for a breastfeeding mom.  

3- CROCKPOT CARNITAS- Carnitas with all the fixings usually offer something for every family member, plus they are easy to reheat so mama can eat anytime.

4-  TORTILLA SOUP- Another great meal to reheat and serve when ready.

5- PESTO AND SAUSAGE BAKED ZITIWe can't leave out a casserole and this is a great one!  Take it uncooked and mama can freeze it to have on hand later or bake when they are ready and the leftovers aren't bad either.

Be sure to send everything in disposable containers because the last thing a new mom needs is to remember who to return dishes to.  In addition to meals,  items that can easily be eaten with one hand while feeding and holding a newborn – granola bars, muffins, scones, etc, are perfect.

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<![CDATA[5 Quick and Easy Oat Recipes to Boost Milk Supply]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/oatrecipes/

Oatmeal is a pregnancy superfood and it helps with milk supply postpartum.  We rounded up some of our very favorite Oat Recipes to share:


Peaches & Cream Oatmeal
This sweet and crunchy combo is divine! Thanks Katie Dudley Photography!

1 serving oatmeal (steel cut if possible)
Sliced peaches (canned or fresh)
Milk or Cream
Syrup or honey and top with sliced Almonds 

Shredded Apple Cinnamon Oats
via Katie Dudley Photography
1 serving oatmeal (steel cut oats are great if you have the time)
1/2 an apple shredded (we just use our cheese grater)
Top with a sprinkle of ground cinnamon

Raspberry Coconut Oats

via Katie Dudley Photography
1 serving steel cut oats
3 T coconut milk 
2 T unsweetened shredded coconut 
1-2 T pure maple syrup (or honey)
1 T sliced almonds
1/2 cup fresh raspberries

Overnight Banana Oats
via Katie Dudley Photography
2 cups old-fashioned oats (Note: Not the quick cook/instant kind)
3 ½ cups water
2 cups milk
1 Tablespoon cinnamon
1/4 cup brown sugar
2 bananas, mashed
1 banana, sliced for garnish (optional)
Using non-stick cooking spray, thoroughly spray the bottom and sides of the Crockpot insert.
Add the old-fashioned oats, water, milk, cinnamon and brown sugar to the Crockpot. Mix well until all ingredients are well incorporated.
Cover and cook on the low setting for 8 hours.
Prior to serving, stir in the mashed bananas. Garnish with additional banana slices if desired.

Milkmakers Oat Recipe

Oats expert Emily the creator of milkmakers cookies shares her favorite and it's all about the toppings.

1/2 cup thick organic rolled oats.
Top with:
slivered almonds
hemp hearts
dried organic cranberries (NOT CRAISINS!)
Rolled date pieces 
Milk or cream.

Maple Pecan Oats

via Katie Dudley Photography

1 serving steel cut oats
10 pecans chopped
2 tsp pure maple syrup
1 tbsp chia seed
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<![CDATA[Top Ten Tips for Breastfeeding]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/tentips/ 10 Breastfeeding Tips

While breastfeeding may come naturally to some, most women could use a little help.  Here are Top Ten Tips for Breastfeeding Success from one of our favorite Lactation Consultants at Lactation Link:

Breastfeeding Tip

Nursing Tip
Breastfeeding Tip

Nursing Tip
Breastfeeding Tip
Breastfeeding Tip

Breastfeeding Tip
Breastfeeding tips
Nursing Tip

Lindsey Shipley, RN, IBCLC is a registered nurse and board certified lactation specialist. She owns Lactation Link, a private lactation consulting company. To find out more or schedule a class, click here.

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<![CDATA[A Part Time Cloth Diapering Story]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/clothdiapering/

I was intrigued by cloth diapers when my 3rd baby was born. I wanted to give it a try, so here is what I did to prepare:

-Online research (great for pregnancy insomnia!)

-Cloth Diaper 101 class (thanks Honey Bump Maternity!)

-Invested in some good cloth diapers & supplies. (I bought most of the items gently used)

My major obstacles were that my husband wasn't on board. I guess it was more than he could handle. We both work, so in our home we share the baby duties. With that in mind, I set a realistic goal for myself. I was going to do at least ONE CLOTH DIAPER A DAY. I figured if I could save one disposable diaper a day, for at least the first 6 months of my baby's life, it would be a meaningful contribution and still realistic.

Some would say I failed at cloth diapers because I used disposables also, but I consider it a win and am proud of all the disposable diapers I saved in my efforts.

As an aspiring cloth diaperer, I am so impressed by the awesome moms out there who are committed to cloth. And when I meet moms who cloth, I don't mock or act astonished, instead I thank them for their efforts in making our earth a little bit cleaner and cuter. (Let's face it cloth diapers are WAY cuter than disposables!)

Sincerely, A cloth diaper admirer.{Elena}

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<![CDATA[Kangacare Giveaway]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/kangacaregiveaway/ Our GCDC2015 is almost here and our Great Cloth Diaper Giveaway is drawing to a close.  The final company we are spotlighting is Kangacare. 

We love Rumparooz diapers and are excited for this amazing giveaway:

Kangacare Giveaway

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<![CDATA[3 Nursing Nipple Staples]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/nursingstaples/

Everyone needs a little comfort when they are nursing.

Here are our Top 3 Nursing Nipple Staples:

1- Lansinoh Soothies Gel Pads

Get these gel pads BEFORE you have the baby and start using them immediately after the baby is born, before your milk comes in or your nipples feel sore. 

2- Bamboobies Boobease Natural Nipple Balm

This balm is all natural and safe for babies! It's also great for pumping. This little container will last forever, a little goes a long way.

3- Undercover Mama Nursing Shirt Value Bundle 

You will wear these tanks every day, so make sure you get 2 for when one is in the wash!

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<![CDATA[Grovia Giveaway]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/groviagiveaway/

The next company we are highlighting as part of our Great Cloth Diaper Giveaway is The Natural Baby Company. We absolutely LOVE Grovia Diapers!  They are giving away a GroVia Trial Kit which includes: 1 Hyrid Shell with Hook & Loop Closure, 1 No-Prep Cloth Soaker Pad, and 3 Disposable BioSoakers plus Magic Stick Diaper Balm.

Grovia Giveaway

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<![CDATA[Nuggles Cloth Diaper Giveaway]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/nuggles/ The next amazing company in our Great Cloth Diaper Giveaway is Nuggles Diapers.  It was founded by a Canadian Mom who wanted to produce quality, functional and smart products.  We have partnered with Nuggles to offer an amazing giveaway.  

The Nuggles Starter Kit includes:

3 Tuck-Wrap-Go Covers (Size 1 6-20 lbs)  

- 3 Daytime Bamboo Prefold Inserts (Size 1)  

- 1 Nighttime Bamboo Prefold Insert (Size 1)  

- 3 Bittees Newborn All-in-one Diapers  

- On-the-Go Wet/dry Bag  

- 3 FREE Signature Stay Dry Bamboo Boosters


Nuggles Diapers Giveaway

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<![CDATA[Lactation Link Breastfeeding Classes]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/lactationlink/

Lindsey Shipley, RN, IBCLC is a registered nurse and board certified lactation specialist. She owns Lactation Link, a private lactation consulting company. Lindsey offers in-home lactation support services before and after baby is born, including home and hospital visits. Breastfeeding basics courses are taught twice a month in Highland, UT, and also online. She also does personal consultations for mothers with flat/inverted nipples, multiples, tongue/lip tie, cleft lip/palate, and more. She also offers 'Intermediate breastfeeding' and 'Returning to work and breastfeeding' seminars.  

To find out more or schedule a class, click here.

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<![CDATA[The Great Cloth Diaper Giveaway]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/gcdc2015/

The Great Cloth Diaper Change Guinness World Records Diaper Changing Challenge is April 18th and Undercover Mama is proud to be a sponsor! Are you attending the GCDC 2015? Click here to find a participating location near you.

We are spotlighting some of our favorite cloth diaper companies with a GREAT CLOTH DIAPER GIVEAWA all month long!

The first company we are highlighting is Buttons Diapers.  Between the awesome inserts with a clever design and the double gussets, Buttons Diapers keep everything contained and are an amazing cloth diaper!

Enter to win a prize pack from Buttons below:

Buttons Diapers Giveaway

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<![CDATA[Bump in Style Giveaway]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/bumpinstyle/ We've teamed up with some of our favorite companies to bring you a fabulous giveaway!  

Enter to win an Undercover Mama Nursing Shirt, Preggo Leggings and a $50 gift certificate from Cents of Style:

Bump in Style Giveaway

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<![CDATA[Our 5 Favorite Children's Books]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/childrensbooks/

 Picking our favorite children's books was like asking us to pick a favorite child! As hard as it was, we narrowed it down to our top 5 faves that got a lot of love in 2014:

1- Where the Wild Things Are

2- The Snowy Day

3- Quick As a Cricket

4- Press Here

5- Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

What are some of your kids favorite books?

Photo Credit: Katie Dudley Photography

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<![CDATA[DIY Clothespin Airplanes]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/diyairplanes/



-Popsicle Sticks

-Smaller Popsicle Stick or Craft Stick


-Glue Gun

-Craft Paint

Mon, 09 Mar 2015 16:49:00 +0000
<![CDATA[Belly Bandit Giveaway]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/bellybandit/ Need a little help shrinking that postpartum tummy? The ultimate Bandita belly binding elastic is 100% latex free and can be adjusted to fit around the belly, waist and hips to create the ultimate slimming result. This customized medical grade Belly Bandit provides a powerful stretch and compress technology which creates a garment geared to shrink your new shape.  Enter to win one below:

Fri, 06 Mar 2015 23:51:02 +0000
<![CDATA[Mama's Favorite Flats]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/favoriteflats/

 Every Mama needs a good pair of flats!  Here are a few of our favorites:

Fun FlatsEmma Flats from Target($19.99-$39.99) Fun colors, real leather and styles that won't break the bank. 

Forever Flats- Yosi Samra ($75-$100) These are great quality and will last forever!

Fancy Flats-Tieks by Gavrieli ($200) Wish list for your birthday or Mothers Day or one day!

Wed, 25 Feb 2015 18:50:42 +0000
<![CDATA[Pumping Essentials Giveaway]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/pumpingessentials/ Enter to win some of our very favorite essentials especially for Pumping Mamas!  Prizes include an Ardo Calypso Double-Plus Breast Pump, a Simple Wishes Hands Free Pumping Bra, Multi-pack Bamboobies Nursing Pads, a box of Bamboobies® EcoPure™ Premium Bamboo Disposable Nursing Pads, and Boob♥ease 100% Organic Nipple Balm, a Milkit Kit and an Undercover Mama Value Bundle.

Enter Below:

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<![CDATA[Moms Who Inspire-Freshly Picked]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/fpinspire/

I had the pleasure of meeting Susan of Freshly Picked and hearing her speak at the Alt Summit. Susan is an awesome woman, mother and entrepreneur. She had a goal, which I think we can all get behind, Susan wanted to "go to Target and buy whatever she wanted or needed"! As her business grew, she expanded her goal to her team, so they could also "go to Target and buy whatever they wanted or needed". How cool is that? Cheers to Susan, her awesome mocs and her love of Target!

p.s. Freshly Picked Giveaway coming soon!

Inspired by Freshly Picked, we are giving away a $100 Target Giftcard!

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<![CDATA[Lacey Love Giveaway]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/lacelove/  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Fri, 30 Jan 2015 16:38:50 +0000
<![CDATA[Snuza Baby Movement Monitor]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/snuza/

The Snuza Hero is portable and easy-to-use movement monitor which clips onto baby's diaper to ensure that normal movement is maintained. Hero detects even the slightest abdominal movement and will alert you if your baby's movements are very weak or fall to less than 8 movements per minute. If no abdominal movement is detected at all for a period of 15 seconds, Hero will vibrate gently. Often this vibration is enough to rouse the baby, and Hero will revert to monitoring mode. After three vibration/rouse incidents, the Rouse Warning will alert you to the fact that your baby's abdominal movements have stopped for 15 seconds on three occasions. If no further movement is detected for another 5 seconds, an alarm will sound to alert you.

  • small - fits onto baby's diaper
  • portable
  • easy-to-use
  • vibration stimulation after 15 seconds
  • Rouse Warning
  • audible alarm after 20 seconds
  • Movement-rate Indicator to warn about weak or infrequent movement

Enter to win a Snuza Hero Below:

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Tue, 27 Jan 2015 16:15:06 +0000
<![CDATA[Preparing for Breastfeeding Success]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/breastfeedingsuccess/

There are so many things to think about when preparing for your little ones arrival, we sometimes for get to prepare for what comes next.  If you are planning on breastfeeding, it is important to prepare yourself baby's arrival.  Here are a few tips to help you prepare for breastfeeding success:

1- Get Educated- If you are new to breastfeeding it is important to learn as much as you can! Talk to breastfeeding moms, attend a breastfeeding class, check out sites like The Leaky Boob and Kelly Mom, or find some great books to help prepare yourself.

2- Get a Support System- Talk to your partner and be sure you are on the same page about breastfeeding. Find a group of moms you can discuss your successes and frustrations with and who can encourage you when your feeling defeated.

3- Get Comfortable- For the first few weeks, it may seem that all you do is feed your newborn. Find a calm quiet place you can be comfortable while you get things figured out. Put together a basket that has everything you may need or want while you are nursing: snacks, water, burp clothes, nursing pads, etc. so you don't get stuck.

4- Get Supplies- Invest in a good nursing bra that is comfortable. You will also want a small supply of breastpads (we recommend Bamboobies reusable nursing pads) and some nipple cream to help with sore nipples. A nursing tank, like Undercover Mama is great to keep your back, sides and belly covered while you nurse your baby.

5- Get Help- In an ideal world, breastfeeding would come easy for all of us. But just in case it doesn't click right away, make sure you have resources on hand should you need help. Getting help early on can make all the difference for breastfeeding success. You can ask your OB/GYN, the hospital, your local La Leche League or visit the International Lactation Consultant Association (ILCA).

Thu, 15 Jan 2015 02:32:20 +0000
<![CDATA[Breastfeeding During the Holidays]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/bfholidays/ Breastfeeding During the Holidays

Breastfeeding during the Holiday Season can be stressful and difficult.  

Here are a few tips to help make your life a little easier:

1-  SLOW DOWN:  Take regular breaks and go to a quiet place to feed your baby when possible. Accept help from family or friends when offered. (Easier said than done!)  

2- WATCH WHAT YOU EAT: Drink! Drink! Drink water to stay hydrated to help maintain your milk supply.  Avoid peppermint and sage as they can negatively impact your supply.

3- WEAR YOUR BABY: Avoid overstimulation and germs from too many visitors by wearing your baby. Plus baby may be more likely to sleep when tired and you get extra cuddles.  

Tips for Breastfeeding During the Holidays

Mon, 22 Dec 2014 22:32:09 +0000
<![CDATA[Our Favorite Baby Tub]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/pujtub/

Do you need a baby tub?  After a lot of babies and a lot of experience, we can honestly say we have found our favorite!  

"The Puj Tub makes bathing your baby so fast, easy and convenient.  After using a conventional tub for our first baby and dealing with the hassle of filling it up, cleaning it out, and storing it, I knew we wanted to go a different route for our second.  The puj has made it so our baby actually gets bathed on a regular basis!  Definitely one of our favorite baby purchases!"

Here are our favorite features:

  • Cradles and comforts baby
  • Hangs flat for easy and convenient storage
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Fits in standard-sized bathroom sinks
  • Works with pedestal and countertop bathroom sinks


And here's the best part:  We have teamed up with Puj to give our favorite baby tub away!

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<![CDATA[Canada Mama's BOGO Offer]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/canadianbogo/


Claim your Free Shirt in 3 Easy Steps:

1- Purchase an Undercover Mama Nursing Shirt from any Canadian Retailer.  Find all Canadian retailers here.

2-  Email an image of your receipt to sales@undercovermama.com.

3- Get an electronic voucher to shop our website for your free shirt! 

Offer valid 12/3/14 to 12/31/14. Not valid on prior purchases.

Void where prohibited. Shipping to Canada can take up to 4 weeks.

Thu, 04 Dec 2014 05:11:19 +0000
<![CDATA[The Pregnant Mama's Wishlist]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/pregnantmamawishlist/

We've rounded up our Top 10 favorite gifts for Pregnant Mamas to make shopping a little easier.

1-PREGNANCY PILLOW- This is a lifesaver to help that expecting mama find a comfortable position to get some much needed rest.  Here's one of our favorites:

Snoogle Chic Total Body Pregnancy Pillow

2- PAMPERING KIT- Every mama deserves a little pampering.  The Earth Mama Angel Baby a Little Something for Mama-to-beincludes happy mama hand to toe wash, happy mama spray, organic morning wellness tea, earth mama body butter, and natural stretch oil.

3- PREGGO LEGGINGS- The key to a happy pregnancy is leggings and these are chic and comfortable and go with practically everything!

4- LINGERIE-  Every woman needs beautiful and comfortable maternity and nursing bras and panties and that's why we love You!Lingerie!  It's not just cotton, it's super cute and comfy cotton nursing lingerie. 

5-COOKIES- What mama doesn't want wholesome, real, nutritious snacks?  Bumpboosters are the perfect sweet snack to grab on the go specially designed for pregnant mamas.

6- PRENATAL MASSAGEStudies indicate that massage therapy performed during pregnancy can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, and improve labor outcomes and newborn health.

7- PEDICURE- Treat that Mama in your life and help her have perfectly pedicured feet when it comes time to push.

8- Push Pack Prepacked hospital bag, just for mom which includes Lather® body wash, shampoo, conditioner, lotion and facial soap, loofah, shave cream, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant wipes, Motherlove® nipple cream, breast pads, Earth Mama Angel Baby® lip balm & bottom balm, comb, hair band, nail file, disposable under ware, maxi pads, thank you cards, note pad, snacks, gum, lollypop, playing cards, pen, gifts from Daddy & Co and Stickybellies. 

9- DIAPER BAG- Every mama needs a new bag and we absolutely love the Ju-Ju-Be Be Prepared Messenger Diaper Bag!

10- UNDERCOVER MAMA- Perfect for pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond.  The lace add extra length to the Undercover Mama, perfect for a growing belly.

Wed, 03 Dec 2014 21:38:00 +0000
<![CDATA[Shop Local and Save $10]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/shoplocal/


1- Register your American Express card here.  Look for a confirmation email.

2-Find Your local Undercover Mama retailer here and make sure they are participating here.

3- Shop on Saturday November 29th, at the participating small business with your registered card and get a $10 statement credit on your AMEX.

Offer details from American Express here.

Tue, 25 Nov 2014 23:19:01 +0000
<![CDATA[3 Natural Remedies for Teething Babies]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/teethingbabies/ Remedies for Teething Babies

The dreaded teething baby. Teething is painful for the sweet suffering baby and painful for everyone trying to comfort them.  Every baby is different and there is no fail safe remedy but we've rounded up 3 NATURAL tips and remedies to help sooth teething babies.

1- BREASTMILK POPSICLE- Anything cold brings relief to swollen gums and there is nothing more nourishing than mother's milk so why not combine the two and make a Breastmilk Popsicle?  You can make your own mold by using the lid off a gerber bottle and a pacifier.  Fill the lid 2/3 of the way to the top and place the pacifier in the milk and freeze.  When ready, run the lid under warm water for a few seconds to loosen and give to (supervised) baby.  If you don't have either of those on hand, you can trust Amazon to come through again with these:

Annabel Karmel Fill and Freeze Puree Pops

2-  ESSENTIAL OILS- There's a lot of information out there about Essential Oils for Teething, but we love Mama Pure.  Check our her post here.  But if mixing oils isn't your thing, you can purchase an already mixed version:  

Punkin Butt Teething Oil 2 oz is made with essential oils of chamomile, clove and peppermint, on baby's gums will help banish teething pain and soothe baby.

3- TEETHING BISCUITS-  Biscuits are the perfect hard, edible snack that can help disctract your baby from the pain.  Pinterest is full of natural recipes, but here are a few of our favorites:

Imprintalish Homemade Teething Biscuits

Sugar Free Homemade Banana Teething Biscuits

Family Feedbag Baby Cakes

What remedies have worked for your little one?

Mon, 17 Nov 2014 21:31:35 +0000
<![CDATA[Creating Your Birth Plan]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/birthplan/

A birth plan is a simple, clear, statement of your preferences for the birth of your child. Remember that things don't always go according to plan and at the end of the day the important thing is the safe birth of your child.

Some Issues to Tackle:

-Natural, Non-Medicated, or Medically Assisted (throw in there water birth or VBAC if needed)

- At What Point to Go to the Hospital

-Personalizing Atmosphere (clothes, music, etc.)

-Managing Pain (medication, breathing, hypnosis, massage, etc.)

-Situations that Warrant an Episiotomy and C-Section

-Presence in the Delivery Room

-Role of Father

-Fetal Monitoring

-Vacuum Extractor or Forceps

-When to Cut Cord and Cord Blood Banking

Here are some great resources to help you in your birth plan creation:

Great Resourse from the Bump, there's a lot of questions here but it will help you really narrow down what you want to include in your birth plan.

Here is a great straightforward one page birth plan from the Humbled Homemaker 

Did you write a birth plan?  What would you add to this list?

Fri, 07 Nov 2014 21:28:00 +0000
<![CDATA[Another Use for Halloween Candy]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/halloweencandy/

We had so much fun doing this today. There are lots of variations so do what works best for you.

Here is how I did it:

1-My kids picked out their 25 favorite candy from their Halloween stash

2-They wrapped the candy individually in Christmas wrapping paper.

3-We put the wrapped candy in bags for storage.

I'll probably make a garland on December 1, and they will open a candy a day to countdown to Christmas. We have a ton of candy, so we will be making some for friends and family. It will make a great gift!

What fun plans do you have for your Halloween candy?

Sun, 02 Nov 2014 02:11:25 +0000
<![CDATA[3 Alternatives to Traditional Baby Books]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/alternativebabybook/ 3 Alternatives to the Traditional Baby Book

Baby books take a lot of time. And while most of us moms start out with great intentions of keeping up a baby book for every one of our children, filling in every slot with pertinent information and keeping the baby scrapbook up-to-date, the reality is usually quite the opposite.

Here are 3 alternatives to the traditional baby book that may make your life a little easier, especially if you are active on social media.

1- InstaBaby- If you’re like me, you’re already using Instagram to capture your baby’s favorite moments. Why not print them all into a digital baby book you’ll keep forever? And even better, why not create a private instagram of your baby exclusively? That way you can keep the dates and milestones documented with just a few clicks of your smartphone.

2- Baby’s First Twitter Account: While I'm not a huge tweeter, I did like this idea. Sometimes all you have time for is 140 characters. Create a Twitter account for your baby and post status updates of latest milestones, funny moments and first words. If you are an active tweeter this wouldn't take too much effort and the tweets you compile will help your mom brain remember all those precious moments.

3. Baby's Own Email: Set your baby up with his or her own email and then start emailing them their milestones, funny happenings, descriptions of their personalitiy, etc. Be sure to attach photos and videos. And even have friends and family send emails too. How fun when they become adults (or even teenagers) for them to gain access to all of these heartfelt emails. Plus for moms on the go, you can find even just a quick second to send an email to record exactly what you want to remember.

Wed, 29 Oct 2014 15:32:08 +0000
<![CDATA[Out and About Giveaway]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/outandabout/ Every mama needs a good stroller and a fabulous diaper bag and we have found two fabulous finds!  The Guzzie and Guss G+G101 works like a full-size stroller, but is compact enough to fit in the smallest spaces and weighs only 16lbs! It will hold any infant car seat and the fabric is a heavy gauge nylon which is highly resistant to normal wear, tear and fading, while the footrest and bumper bar are wrapped in a dirt-resistant material that makes it simple to clean.

Here's what we love about the G+G101 Stroller:

Ultra compact fold and Lightweight
Flip out Visor 5-point harness
Full Suspension
Linked rear Brake
Lockable front wheels
Removable front bar
Car seat compatible

And what a better match to the red stroller than a diaper bag from The Bumble Collection.  One of our favorite bags is the Rachel Roundabout in Royal Ruby Montage.

Here's why we love it:

Water & Stain Resistant
Comfort Handle Straps
Built-in Stroller Straps

Top Zipper Closure for added security
Soil-Proof Changing Pad
Wipeable Fabric

But here's the best part, we are giving away the G+G101 Stroller, the Rachel Roundabout Diaper Bag and an Undercover Mama!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tue, 14 Oct 2014 15:44:09 +0000
<![CDATA[Back Saver Miracle Tool!]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/saveback/

Chasing a busy toddler or picking up after kids all day? Back pain while pregnant? The good news is, your baby is growing. That's exactly what should be happening -- but the downside of pregnancy is the weight gain and body changes can put a lot of stress on your back (especially if you are chasing other kids around). If you find yourself with a lot of back pain, especially in the last stages of pregnancy, have we got the tool for you: The Grip 'n Grab Picker Upper. This is mostly applicable to baby #2 and onward but we promise it is so worth it!

Save your back, the price is your pride... and $17.99 to have it shipped to your door!

Thu, 09 Oct 2014 17:09:45 +0000
<![CDATA[Phil and Ted Alpha Car Seat]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/philandted/ One of our favorite fun new finds at the ABC Kids Expo was the phil&ted's Alpha Carseat.

Here's why we love it:

A safe, adaptable and lightweight innovation from phil&teds that solves a parent's key challenge of carrying baby safely in a vehicle, on a stroller and on your arm. The alpha car seat fits on to many strollers including all current phil&teds strollers. It's easy to install in to the car with a LATCH base to click the car seat in and out, and on to the stroller with one hand. You will be safety assured with huge high side protection, thick EPS foam, 5-point harness with chest clip and removable padded liner for newborns. The quality design and cleanable fabrics look great both in car and on stroller. You can purchase the phil&ted's Alpha Carseat at Diapers.com.

What more could you want from a car seat for your baby?

Even better, we are giving away a phil&ted's alpha carseat to one lucky winner!


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<![CDATA[Baby's First Foods]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/firstfoods/ Baby's First Foods

Hello, my name is Michele and I am the founder of the baby food blog - Baby FoodE, which means that I am overly obsessed with making (and eating) baby food! My philosophy on making baby food is simple - use fresh in-season organic produce mixed with a dash of spices and herbs to create delicious purees that your baby (and yourself) will devour. Healthy eating habits start early and the more you expose your baby's pallet to a variety of vegetables, fruits, wholesome grains and good for you fats, the more they will continue to eat a variety of foods as they get older. Not to mention the more nutrient dense and colorful your baby's diet is the more their brains will develop, their bones will grow and their internal organs and digestive system will thrive.

So let's start at the beginning -


There is no exact age that determines if your baby is ready for puree foods but generally babies are ready between 4-6 months of age. Watch and listen to your baby, they will give you the signs you need to know if they are ready or not for puree's.

  • Can your baby sit up?
  • Is your baby able to hold her head and neck in an upright position?
  • Does your baby reach for or eye your food while you are eating?
  • Is she hungry more often and not satisfied with her normal amount of breast milk or formula?
  • Has her birth weight doubled?
  • Is she able to keep purees in her mouth and not let it dribble out?

If you answered yes to most of the questions above, then congratulations, your baby is ready to begin the fun adventure of eating! If not, don't worry, your baby will get there one day soon.


There is no right or wrong puree to try first, but for allergy reasons I would recommend starting with a one food puree not a mixture of two or more different food purees. Try to keep it easy and simple. After they master these starter purees, they will have plenty of time to become adventurous

Mashed up Avocado
Cooked Egg Yolk
Apples + Cinnamon
Carrots + Nutmeg
Homemade Rice Cereal
Homemade Oat Cereal
Mashed up Banana
Sweet Potato + Curry



Apples + Cinnamon

6 Organic Apples
1/2 cup water
1/4 to 1/2 tsp Cinnamon

Wash, peel, core and roughly chop apples. Place apples, water and cinnamon in a medium saucepan and heat over medium heat for 10-15 minutes or until you can smash the apples down with the back of a wooden spoon. Stir occasionally. Let cool. Transfer all ingredients into a blender and puree for 30-60 seconds or until smooth.


Peas + Zucchini + Mint

2 Organic Medium Zucchini
1 1/2 cup Frozen or Fresh Organic Peas
8 Mint Leaves

Wash, trim zucchini of the top root section and slice into 3" pieces. Place zucchini in a steam pot and steam over boiling water for 5 minutes. Take steamer basket off heat and let cool. Add peas to the water you used in the steamer basket and heat on low for 3-5 minutes. Strain. Add peas, zucchini and mint to blender or food processor and puree until smooth.

Some Other Popular Starter Baby Food Recipes

Peaches + Cloves
Sweet Potato + Curry
Carrots + Nutmeg
Egg Yolk + Avocado

Thu, 25 Sep 2014 04:33:45 +0000
<![CDATA[The Guzzie and Guss Perch]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/perch/ We're back from the ABC Expo and can't wait to share some of our favorite Fun, New, Finds!

We loved the Guzzie and Guss Perch Hanging High Chair. If your you are tight on space or dining out, the guzzie+Guss G+G 201 Perch Hanging High Chair gives your little one place to sit at the table. The Perch Hanging High-Chair clamps onto most tables and folds up for easy storage. A convenient travel bag is included which you will be able to store under the seat when not in use. What also makes that chair so popular is its high back; it will give more comfort and support when your little one is leaning back.

We have teamed up with Guzzie and Guss to giveaway a Perch in teal!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Even better, they have a bunch of instructional videos to ensure that you are using the Perch properly.

You can find even more videos here, here, here, and here.  

And look how easy it is to clean:

Wed, 24 Sep 2014 19:27:38 +0000
<![CDATA[Top 5 Postpartum Recovery Essentials]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/postpartumrecovery/ Postpartum Recovery

Postpartum Recovery. The overlooked, not so glamorous side of child birth. In addition to the hormone swings and newborn to take care of, mamas also must also deal with the after effects of actually giving birth. While this isn't something that is talked about with quite as much enthusiasm, I thought I'd share some of my favorite postpartum recovery essentials:

1- Granny Panties- Don't even think about real underwear. Big, cotton, breathable grannie panties are the way to go. You'll be stuffing them full of pads and icepacks and anything else that brings some relief. In the hospital they have mesh underwear so be sure to snag a few extra pairs. I promise you'll thank me later.

2- For Your Bottom- In my hospital they had Tucks Pads with witch hazel which helped soothe and cool everything. I combined this with the more all natural route of New Mama Bottom Spray by Earth Mama Angel Baby This is cooling, soothing perineal mist that helps ease discomfort of postpartum vaginal soreness and swelling, episiotomies and hemorrhoids.

3- Extra Heavy Super Absorbent Pads- The hospital will send you home with some, but many women will probably need a few more. Go for Always Maxi Overnight Extra Heavy Flow With Wings. In my opinion (and coming from someone with heavy periods) these are the most absorbent pads on the market.

4- Nipple Balm- Most mothers suffer from sore and cracked nipples in the first few weeks. We love Bamboobies Organic Nipple Balm! It helps relieve a bit of the pain and all ingredients are safe for ingestion by your breastfeeding baby.

5- Water Bottle- In addition to helping keep your milk up while nursing, water can do wonders for your body. Plus, it will help you get back to being regular with your bowel movements.

What are your top Postpartum Recovery Essentials?

Tue, 23 Sep 2014 16:04:54 +0000
<![CDATA[Motorola Baby Monitor Giveaway]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/motorola/ We're back from the ABC Kids Expo and we've brought a surprise!  We are giving away a Motorola Digital 2.8" Video Baby Monitor - MBP33S!  This is an amazing digital Baby Monitor and includes Two-Way Communication, Infrared Night Vision, Room Temperature Display (always know the temperature in your baby's room), 5 Lullabies, Low Battery Alert, Out-of-Range Alert, Rechargeable Battery, Flip-Out Stand, Split-Screen Function with Use of Additional Cameras.  Yes we said a split screen function that can be used with additional cameras! 

Talk about peace of mind!

Enter to win below:

Fri, 12 Sep 2014 20:14:06 +0000
<![CDATA[Chatbooks]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/chatbooks/ Chatbooks

As moms, we are constantly on the hunt for anything fabulous and anything that makes life easier. I don't know about you, but after my first baby I miserably failed at keeping up with baby books for my kids. Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty awesome at taking pictures with my smartphone and I will confess I have a slight addiction to Instagram. But actually getting those photos into any sort of book is where I find my disconnect. Enter CHATBOOKS.


Chatbooks is an app that collects all your Instagram pics and prints them into 6 by 6 inch photo books. There’s one picture per page with your caption and each book is 60 pages. Then every time you hit another sixty pictures in Instragram, you get an email notifying you to look over your pictures and then they will automatically send you a new book. Yes I said automatically, as in you don't even have to think about it! And the best part? It only cost $6 per book and the shipping is FREE!  And don't worry if you aren't an avid Instagram user because Chatbooks offers a non-Instagram option as well.

We LOVE Chatbooks and are excited to partner with them for a giveaway. They are offering up a $60 Credit towards an Instagram Subscription. Enter to win below:


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tue, 02 Sep 2014 17:06:55 +0000
<![CDATA[ALS Ice Bucket Challenge for moms!]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/ALS/

Bamboobies ALS Challenge Accepted! Calling out all moms & The Leaky B@@bTheBabyGuyNYC and You! Lingerie to take the ALS ice bucket challenge!  Please accept our challenge and talk to your kids about ALS. For more information or to make a donation, please visit http://mda.org/ 

Thu, 28 Aug 2014 19:05:48 +0000
<![CDATA[10 Tips and Tricks for Dealing with Morning Sickness]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/morningsickness/ 10 Tips and Tricks to help deal with Morning Sickness

Ahh morning sickness, or for some that deep and abiding stomach flu that lasts for three to four months straight. In my case, all-day sickness.  Nothing I tried was a magical solution. I mostly just had to suffer through it.  Check with your doctor before taking any medication to be sure it is safe.

To all of my pregnant sisters out there who are lying in bed near a bowl or toilet, here are some tips and tricks that I've discovered over the years that may give you 5 minutes of relief until the next bout hits.

1. DOCTOR PERSCRIBED MEDS: Some women swear by these, but I didn't find anything to be a "cure." Zofran maybe made me throw up less, but I still felt like I was about to puke my guts out 24/7, which was sometimes worse. Phenergan made me so deliriously sleepy that I couldn't function, and Reglen gave me crazy side effects. At 10 weeks I started having contractions and intestinal cramping because my body completely rejected it.

2. VITAMIN B6 and ½ UNISOM TABLET. Again, this combo didn't prove to do much for me, but I know it works miracles for others. For many it just takes the edge off. But beware, it might make you sleepy.

3. LEMON DROPS: For about four weeks straight, I popped lemon drops almost constantly to help with the nausea. And then of course I got incredibly sick of that taste being in my mouth. I don't know if I'll ever be able to suck on a lemon drop again, but I swear it helped.

4. FOUNTAIN SODA/LIMEADE: I'm not a natural soda drinker. But a fizzy fountain Sprite always helped a little.

5. STRING CHEESE: In those moments where I had to grab to eat something immediately, I usually went for string cheese. I could only live on pretzels and crackers for so long. I still grab string cheese in the evenings when the nausea hits and at this point it's usually (not always) enough to tide me over till bedtime.

6. AVOID THINGS THAT WON'T FEEL GOOD COMING BACK UP. I get into a different eating mentality when I'm pregnant. With everything I consume, I consider how bad the repercussions will be when the contents come back up. Salad and spicy food are the worst in my opinion. Just sayin' - think before you eat.

7. Avoid talking to anyone who was nauseous for one day and/or threw up once or twice during their pregnancies, and thinks they "know what you're going through." It just makes you want to punch them in the face.

8. AIRPLANE BARF BAGS: I've tried out a variety of barf receptacles, and airplane bags are the best. They fold up enough to put several in your purse, they are thick and hole-free, and they usually have a sealing flap to keep the contents contained until you can find a trash can.

9. FIND DISTRACTIONS: Even though I wanted to curl up and not leave the house, doing nothing for three months straight would have made me go crazy. I never felt up to it, but I still went to book club and playgroups and church and other outings. The time passed so slowly that any distraction I could find to fill the time was worth the effort. As long as I had my airplane barf bags close at hand.

10- PERSPECTIVE:  Without warning, pregnancy took over my life. And it should (well, if you're lucky, not the sickness part) for anyone who is growing a human being. Even though it seems like it will never end, I have two growing children that prove that it does indeed end. As hard as it is to endure, do the best you can to remember that it won't last forever. You'll have your body back again. You'll reestablish your normal routines and hobbies. You'll set new goals when you feel better. For now, give yourself a break and do what you need to do to survive, one day at a time. This too shall pass. I promise.

-Lindsay is a a kindergarten teacher turned yoga instructor turned web designer and mother to 3 boys with another on the way.  You can read more from her here and find some of her amazing blog designs here.

Thu, 21 Aug 2014 02:37:25 +0000
<![CDATA[NaturalMat Giveaway]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/naturalmat/ We think a good nights sleep needs a good mattress.  The COCO MAT is a perfect choice for babies and children offering gentle support and impressive ventilation and insulation-Now with quilted cover and free mattress protector included! Coco Mat is the most breathable of all Naturalmat mattresses which makes it ideal for newborns and small babies. 


• Organic lambswool and Organic coir

• Organic cotton cover Breathable & Organic

• Does not absorb heat or moisture

• Naturally breathable and self ventilating materials

• Helps babies regulate their temperature and sleep through the night

• Organic lambswool is an excellent insulator, keeping children warm in cold conditions and cool in warm conditions

Anti-Allergy & Anti-Bed Bug

• A treatment of lemon, eucalyptus and lavender makes Naturalmat lambswool anti-dust mite, anti-moth and anti-mosquito

• These properties will help to reduce the risk of asthma and other allergic reactions

• Outer cover is finished with a natural compound derived from geraniol which renders them anti bed-bug

• Outer cover has zip so that it can be removed and washed at 140°F. Dust mites are killed at 135°

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tue, 12 Aug 2014 16:44:13 +0000
<![CDATA[Free NIP Cards]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/nipcards/

When I'm out and about and I walk by a mom breastfeeding her baby, I'm overwhelmed with emotions. I'm a little envious while at the same time glad that part of my life is behind me. I feel an instant connection to her. "I'VE BEEN THERE!" I want to shout. (creepy) I want to go up to her and give her a big hug(awkward). So I usually just walk by and give her a smile and maybe a thumbs up on brave days.


That was before. Now, I casually take a little card out of my purse. I walk over and with as little interruption as possible hand her the card. It felt strange at first, but now that I've seen the smiles and laughs these cards have generated, I get excited to give them out.

To celebrate Breastfeeding Awareness Month, we are giving away our NIP cards for free, while supplies last. So when you see a mom breastfeeding, give her a smile and hand her a card. I bet it will make her day!

Get your free pack of cards.

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We are continuallyinspired by the women around us. The strength, the determination, and the incredible love these mothers have for their children is amazing. Recently we were able to meet one such mother, Michele Reyes.

The mother of 6 beautiful kids with the youngest just a month old and the oldest 9.

" I've enjoyed motherhood this last nine years with one arm. When I was 17 years old I lost my arm in a car accident. It's definitely been a challenge through motherhood but it hasn't made motherhood impossible by any means."

"My kids do great I almost felt like they came wired ready for me. They hold on to me and help me. I have enjoyed motherhood. It hasn't not had trials or difficulties just like any other mom, but I absolutely love being a mom."

After our meeting Michele at our photo shoot, I find myself thinking about her at different times in my day. Especially when I start feeling frustrated or losing patience. Her example helps me do a little better everyday..
When I'm unloading my car after going to Costco, I think "How does Michele do this?"
When I'm changing my squirmy baby, I think "How does Michele do this?"
When I'm doing my hair, and it's not cooperating, I think "How does Michele do this?"

Is there a mama that inspires you?

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5 Superfoods for Breastfeeding Moms

1- OATS: a perfect whole grain, high-fiber, all-natural food. A bowl of oatmeal will keep you full for a long time after breakfast (which is important for mamas who are always on the move) -- and may help increase your milk supply. Oats are also high in iron. Low iron can cause issues with your milk supply so keep up your iron intake!

2- SPINACH:  chock-full of vitamins and minerals including: calcium, vitamin C, iron and heart-healthy antioxidants. It is also loaded with vitamin A, which your baby gets from your breast milk to ensure healthy development.

3- BERRIES: Berries are loaded with vitamin C, folate, and fiber. They are some of the most powerful disease-fighting foods available because of their high levels of antioxidants.

4-AVOCADOS: An abundant source of folic acid and vitamins E & C, it is rumored to increase lactation, as well!

5- CARROTS: enriched with carbohydrates and potassium, carrots help boost energy in breastfeeding mamas. They are rich in antioxidants an a vital source of beta-Carotene which is required by you during lactation period. 

While we know it isn't best to drink your calories, we know that many of us mamas don't always have time to make nutrition pack meals.  So here are a few Smoothie Recipes that use these SUPER FOODS to help:

Overnight Booby Smoothies  

Green Lactation Smoothie 

Cashew Banana Lactation Smoothie 

Orange Apple Green Fruit Smoothie

Green Lactation Smoothie

Check out the newest colors of our Basic Essentials Nursing Shirts!

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Finding the perfect bottle can be a difficult task and with all the research on the dangers of plastic bottles, the challenge is even greater.  5 Phases Revolutionary Hybrid GLASS Baby Bottle® provides the healthful benefits of GLASS + the protection of BPA free plastic®.  The 5 Phases bottle features:

BPA, PVC and phthalate free

It is a perfect storage solution for pumped milk and formulas.  Enter to win a 4oz. Feeding System from 5 Phases:

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Amazon BabyRegistry is launching a new promotion today for a sweepstakes! When users sign-up and add 10 products to their registry, they can enter to win a $500 Amazon.com gift card! Click here for details.

Creating an Amazon registry has some great perks:

-There is a 10% one time discount on registry items (15% if you are an Amazon Mom member). This means that 30 days before your babies due date Amazon will send you a special link to redeem your additional discount on select  items left on your registry.

-It features universal product adding! That means that you can add items to your wish list from ANY OTHER website!

-FREE 90 day returns on baby store purchases

How to Participate in the Amazon Baby Registry Sweepstakes

No purchase necessary, ends 7/25/15.  Limit 1 entry per person and email address.

1- Go to the Amazon.com Baby Registry.
2- Create a Baby Registry.
3- Add 10 items or more to your new Registry.
4- Within 7 business days you'll receive an email from Amazon.com notifying you that you've been entered. Please note that if you have opted out of receiving registry related emails, you will not receive this confirmation. You can view and change your email preferences at anytime by logging in to your registry.
5- One winner will be selected each week from July 27, 2014 through July 25, 2015 to win a $500 Amazon.com Gift Card.
6- For additional details, see our frequently asked questions and Official Rules.

Need a little inspiration?

Here are our Top Ten Baby Registry Items to help you get started:

Undercover Mama

1- Black and White Nursing Tank Bundle from Undercover Mama

This is a wardrobe staple for every Nursing Mama.  Expand your nursing wardrobe with this purchase and make any shirt a nursing shirt! 

Britax Stroller

2- The Britax B- Agile and B-Safe Travel System

We love this travel system because it rides smooth, is light, and compresses easily.  It makes transporting a baby a little easier, and who doesn't want that?

Bamboobies Multi Pack

3- Bamboobies Nursing Pads Multi-pack

These super soft pads soothe chaffed nipples, they are ultra-absorbant and stop leaks, and they are washable so you save money!  Give them a try, you'll thank us later!

4- Lillebaby Complete Carrier

We love this carrier for so many reasons: great ergonomic eesign, fun colors that my husband could live with, and a forward facing feature that my baby loves! When he needs a nap, I still carry him facing me.


5- Simple Wishes B-3 All-in-One Nursing and Hands Free Pumping Bra

A great nursing bra that is also a pumping bra! It is supportive, easy to use, and turns any pump into a hands- free pump.


6- Ju-Ju-Be Hobo be Messenger Diaper Bag- First Lady 

Every new mama needs an awesome diaper bag and we love Ju-Ju-Be and their newest collection of black and white prints makes you feel less like you are carrying a diaper bag and more like you are carrying a purse.  

7- Nosefrida Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator

This doctor developed and doctor recommended nasal aspirator is amazing at keeping babies naturally snot free. Ingeniously simple Swedish design features a tube that is placed against the nostril (not inside). Parents use their own suction to draw mucus out of their child's nose.  Sounds a little gross, but it is amazing!

8- Skwish Toy 

One of our favorite classic toys, it skwishes and returns to its original shape.  Perfect for little hands.  

9- The Black and White Book

Who doesn't love a good book? This board book is based on the simplicity of objects outlined in black & white that can be easily recognized by babies in their daily surroundings. This is one of those rare books that will interest even a newborn.

10- Weego Amigo Baby Blankets

One of our favorite blankets ever!  The double layer cotton knit makes it super soft and we love the gender neutral designs.

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<![CDATA[The Sneeze Pee]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/sneezepee/ Sneeze Pee

Ahh, the sneeze pee. One of the less than pleasant side effects of pregnancy. Also known as the jumping jack pee, the trampoline pee, the laughing pee, the coughing pee, and doing almost anything suddenly pee. This tiny bit of leakage occurs while you are pregnant because your growing baby is expanding your uterus and putting pressure on your bladder. Unfortunately for many of us, the sneeze pee occurs long after that baby has made it's appearance.

We may not have the complete solution to avoiding the sneeze pee, but there is something you can do to help eliminate this lovely "incontinence" and keep your unmetionables dry. The answer is a strong pelvic floor. Kegel Exercises can help tighten and firm your pelvic floor muscles and control that leak.

Need a little refresher on Kegels?

Here's one from the Mayo Clinic:  

It takes diligence to identify your pelvic floor muscles and learn how to contract and relax them. Here are some pointers:

1- Find the right muscles. To identify your pelvic floor muscles, stop urination in midstream. If you succeed, you've got the right muscles.

2- Perfect your technique. Once you've identified your pelvic floor muscles, empty your bladder and lie on your back. Tighten your pelvic floor muscles, hold the contraction for five seconds, and then relax for five seconds. Try it four or five times in a row. Work up to keeping the muscles contracted for 10 seconds at a time, relaxing for 10 seconds between contractions.

3- Maintain your focus. For best results, focus on tightening only your pelvic floor muscles. Be careful not to flex the muscles in your abdomen, thighs or buttocks. Avoid holding your breath. Instead, breathe freely during the exercises.

4-Repeat 3 times a day. Aim for at least three sets of 10 repetitions a day.

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<![CDATA[PostNatal Exercise]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/exercise/ Benefits of Postnatal Exercise

Being a mom to a new baby can be quite demanding. Between diaper changes, housework, feedings, and more, finding time to exercise seems almost impossible. However, it can be so beneficial to new moms.


1- Quicker recovery back to your pre-pregnancy body and encourages your uterus to shrink back to normal.

2- Strengthens your immune system and increases energy

3- Helps to reduce post-natal depression and “baby blues”

4- Stress release 

Try not to be a superwoman, or rush to regain your pre-pregnancy figure.  Begin by starting out slow and listening to your body,

Since many moms can barely find time away from baby to get much accomplished, why not exercise with baby?  Here are a few resources we have found:

-Good House Keeping Mom and Baby Exercises

-Parents.com Exercise with Baby Thighs, Butt and Calves

-Baby Wearing Workout from Parenting the Pipsqueak

-Stroller Exercises

or how about a little Babywearing Yoga?

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<![CDATA[Konfidence Swimwear Giveaway]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/konfidence/ To celebrate summer, we have teamed up with some fabulous swimwear companies for some fun giveaways for both Mama and Baby.  Konfidence swimwear is designed for "healthy, happy, konfident, kids." The Konfidence™ Babywarma™ Swimsuit is specially designed to keep baby warm and secure while in the water. The super-soft neoprene suit provides a snug fit for a comfortable and secure feel, making time spent swimming fun, relaxed, and happy.   It offers 100% UV protection and bonus, it has an easy-open diaper flap which allows for changing baby without having to take off the entire swimsuit.  What mama doesn't love that?

 You can find more about Konfidence here.

Enter to win a Konfidence Babywarma, Konfidence Aquanappy and Konfidence™ Roll & Go™ Babychanger Changing Pad:

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<![CDATA[5 Amazing Facts About Breastfeeding]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/5facts/ 5 Amazing Facts About Breastfeeding

You already know that breastfeeding is an incredible experience and the perfect way to nourish your baby.

But did you know. . .

1- You cannot overfeed a breastfed baby. The baby will nurse until they are full, not until your breast is empty, like a bottle.

2- Breastfeeding triggers the release of the hormone oxytocin, which relaxes you and baby both, giving you a breastfeeding high.

3- Babies are not born with an established circadian rhythm.  They can’t tell day from night and they do not make their own melatonin.   Your nighttime breastmilk has melatonin in it!  (Source) Scientists believe that melatonin-rich breastmilk that you produce at night helps babies develop their own circadian cycles and helps them learn to sleep longer stretches at night.

4- Colostrum, your first milk, protects against all the germs your baby is suddenly exposed to. Colostrum also works as a laxative to get baby's intestines working to help clean out all the meconium.

5- The composition of your breastmilk will change as your baby gets older to meet their changing nutritional needs.  Your milk even changes from day to day.  During times of hot weather or sickness, your breastmilk contains a higher water content to provide extra hydration.

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<![CDATA[Breastfeeding Facts]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/breastfeedingfacts/  

Breastfeeding Facts

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LilyPadz® are the only non-absorbent nursing pad on the market today. Their innovative, patented design provides nursing mothers with the flexibility, breathability, invisibility and “second skin” comfort that no other nursing pad can offer. Made from 100% medical grade silicone, LilyPadz®actually prevent breast milk leakage by providing gentle pressure on the nipple.  

Enter to win a Lily Padz Starter Pack:

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<![CDATA[Casting Call]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/castingcall/ Calling all Undercover Mamas! We are making a visual size guide to make finding your perfect size even easier and we need your help! Submit a photo modeling your favorite Undercover Mama tank-like the sample girl in the pink. Don't worry about the background, just make sure your image looks like the sample. No additional clothing. If your photo is selected, you'll receive a $100 Undercover Mama Giftcard!

Click Here to Submit Your Photo

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<![CDATA[Oh Baby Giveaway]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/ohbaby/ a Rafflecopter giveaway

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<![CDATA[Win It Before You Can Buy It]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/polkadotwin/ The newest addition to the Undercover Mama family is almost here: The Polka Dot Nursing Shirt! Enter to win our Polka Dot Nursing shirt before its available for purchase!

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<![CDATA[Top 10 Tips for Pumping Mamas]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/tipsforpumpingmamas/

1- Compression and massage while pumping increases output and helps treat plugged ducts.

2- Buy a hands free bra. If you are going to be spending a lot of time pumping, buying a hands free bra will free you up to do other tasks or allow you to relax while pumping.

3- Love really gets the milk flowing. Remember why you are pumping and be sure to think about that special little one while pumping to help with let down.

4- Stay hydrated to keep up your supply. Hydration is really important for nursing mothers as it aids in milk production.

5- Use an all natural nipple balm before pumping to ease with the rubbing action and after pumping to to hep with any pain or soreness.

6- Invest in a good pump. A cheap pump can cause damage, low supply and mastitis for lack of emptying.

7- Relax. Stress can hinder your body's natural ability to release milk.

8- Stronger suction does not always mean more milk. Be sure to start at a lower suction and work your way up as necessary.

9- Stick to a routine. Not necessarily the same time, but the same habits: the place, the chair, the beverage, etc. This will help condition your milk to flow. (this is slightly different than nursing on demand)

10- Don't shake the breast milk, swirl the breast milk. While there is a bit of controversy surrounding this subject, you can find the articles we consulted here, here and here. When you shake the breastmilk, you denature the molecules and break up the protein into parts. When the proteins remain intact, they help protect the lining of the babies gut and eliminate bubbles that may produce gas. So while we don't have a definitive answer, we are going to swirl our breastmilk.  

Check out our Pump it Up Pinterest Board
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<![CDATA[Jane Stroller]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/jane/


The Jane Nanuq stroller is the perfect umbrella stroller.  The frame of the stroller is bold and shiny and screams of strength and durability, made from anodized aluminum it is durable and corrosion resistant. The roomy, tall seat allows older children to sprawl out for an afternoon ride around town.  If a nap is what suits your little ones fancy than you can select one of the five recline positions including a nearly flat recline perfect for some afternoon Z’s. Plus, it has a handbrake, large wheels, a raincover and a guard rail.  

Enter to win a Jane Nanuq Stroller!


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<![CDATA[Yoomi]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/yoomi/

One of the most inconvenient things about transitioning a breastfed baby to a bottle, whether it be to pumped milk or formula, is getting the milk to the correct temperature.  What if I told you there was a solution that would make your life easier both at home or out and about.  

The Yoomie Bottle is a self-warming bottle that contains a unique warmer that is activated by pressing the orange button. This triggers the internal solution to warm the unit in just 60 seconds.The cold milk is gently warmed as it flows through the specially designed channels on the outside of the warmer. By the time the feed reaches the teat it is at natural breast milk temperature (32-34 degrees C). The warmer will continue to warm the milk as it passes through the channels for up to an hour.  

The yoomi really works, and because it’s rechargeable you can use it 100 times.

Why we love it?
After the initial preparation, with the push of a button the milk in the Yoomi is warmed to the perfect temperature!  No more midnight missions to warm a bottle and no more worrying that a babysitter or other caregiver may not warm the bottle to the right temperature!
Wed, 21 May 2014 03:58:05 +0000
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The best pump is a baby. But many factors can make it impossible to always have the baby nurse, so the next best pump is the one that allows a mother to remove milk effectively, efficiently, and comfortably.  Hospital Grade Breast Pumps are the most efficient, effective, and comfortable pumps available.

Limerick PJ's Comfort Breast Pump is the only 1-1/2 pound research proven hospital-grade breast pump that goes from hospital - to home - to work.  It is effective enough that it can be used by mothers needing to establish or increase a milk supply, economical enough to be used by working moms.

The Limerick PJ's Comfort Pump is unique from any other breast pump out there.  Instead of tugging your nipples down a tube, it squeezes the areola to express milk with smooth silicone in a sort of massage.  It actually has a compression aspect to it, as well as suction, which is designed to mimic how your baby would nurse.  Because it uses compression, it helps you express milk more efficiently and more effectively.  In addition, the breast cups are not the hard plastic that you find on most pumps. Instead, it is soft silicone that actually molds to each mother's breast, making it unnecessary to fit the proper size like most pumps.   Hence why it is called a the COMFORT!

The controls allow you to control with one knob the suction speed, and with another, the strength. It also has a timer that allows you to keep track of how long you have been pumping.  It also has a one-micron filter between the kit and pump prevents bacteria, viruses and milk from entering the pump, thus preventing cross contamination.

Why haven't you heard of it before?  The PJ's Comfort Pump has been, until recently, exclusively used in their Workplace Lactation Programs exclusively.  We are excited that it is now moving into hospitals and the retail market. 

Why we love it?

It's hard to choose just one, so how about our top three?  

1- Comfortable

2- Efficient

3- Lightweight

Tue, 20 May 2014 02:45:22 +0000
<![CDATA[Kiinde Twist]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/kiinde/

Pumping and more specifically exclusively pumping is hard work.  Pumping, washing, transferring milk, freezing, thawing, and rotating your stash takes a lot of time and effort.  Enter the Kiinde Twist.

The Kiinde Twist™ feeding system allows you to directly pump from ANY pump into breastmilk storage pouches with leak-proof, twist-locking caps. You can then label, organize, store, warm, and feed from that same pouch - without ever having to transfer precious breast milk from bottles to bags.

You can feed directly from Kiinde Twist Pouches using the Kiinde Squeeze natural feeding bottle, eliminating the need to transfer milk from bottles to bags and back again! Just snap the pouch directly into the Squeeze natural feeding bottle, squeeze the air out of the pouch, and pop the Active-Latch nipple on top!  

Our Favorite Thing About the Kiinde Twist?

Kiinde products are recyclable and are free of BPA, phthalates, and PVC.  It is safer and more sanitary than regular breast pumping and storage systems.   And the best part of all?  

You won't waste a drop of precious breast milk! 

Thu, 15 May 2014 17:24:50 +0000
<![CDATA[Mimijumi]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/mimijumi/

Transitioning a breastfed baby to a bottle can be difficult.  Every baby is different and what works for some may not work for others.  While researching the best transition bottle for breastfeeding, we came upon Mimijumi.  The nipple mimics a woman’s breast in shape, colour and texture and the manufacturers have designed it this way to replicate the look and feel of a mother’s breast.  The mimijumi bottle tries to recreate the natural way a baby feeds by requiring the infant to actually latch before milk is released.  The bottle is also free of BPA and phthalates and it is easy to clean!  

Our Favorite Thing About the Mimijumi?

Aside from the fact that it is one of the only bottles that attempts to mimic a women's breast, one of the best features for pumping mamas is that the opening is large so there is no missing a small opening and crying over spilled breastmilk!

While we can't speak for every mama or every baby, if you are desperately seeking a transition bottle and have had no luck, you should give Mimijumi a try!

Wed, 14 May 2014 14:38:26 +0000
<![CDATA[Pump It Up]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/pumpitup/ Whether you pump occasionally or are an exclusive pumper, we think what you are doing is amazing!

Pumping is hard work.  Pumping takes dedication.  

To celebrate all the pumping mamas out there, we are launching Pump It Up.  For the next two weeks we will be posting pumping tips, sharing our favorite pumping products, and offering encouragement, support and a little humor to all the pumping mamas out there!  And of course, what's a celebration without a HUGE Giveaway?!



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<![CDATA[My Mother's Day Wishlist]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/mothersday/

 -A BREAK. For a nap, or to read a book, or just to crush some candy in peace. For at least an hour. Without anyone pecking at me. -Someone to do my DISHES, or LAUNDRY, whichever is pilling up faster. Or get crazy and do both!

-A CLEAN CAR. Nothing fancy, just the crumbs, and sippy cups and granola bar wrappers cleaned out. A vacuum and wipe and a spray of Febreeze.

-MOM BOOK art. I have a book and every holiday I ask my kids to write/color/scribble something to add to my collection.

 Extras! (If the budget allows) 

-Target Giftcard. Always a winner! (did you see our giveaway?)

-I've had my eye on these TIEKS- Super cute & comfy shoes.

-This candle. I love it. Blue Volcano Candle from Anthro.

Thu, 01 May 2014 20:32:59 +0000
<![CDATA[All About Mom]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/aboutmom/

We love moms!  As Mother's Day approaches we wanted to be sure to celebrate moms and all they do with a special giveaway "All About Mom!"  We've included some of our favorite items: an Undercover Mama (of course), our favorite diaper bag from Ju-Ju-Be, Bamboobies breastpads and nipple cream, a Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra, and a $100 Target giftcard (because who doesn't love a little Target trip?)

Click Here to Enter

Bravado is celebrating moms too!  They have launched a new campaign called #LittleVictories.  Inspired by breastfeeding moms,  #LittleVictories are important and this campaign focuses on capturing and highlighting new moms' accomplishments ("little victories") throughout their challenging period of nursing and caring for a newborn.

Thu, 01 May 2014 03:39:33 +0000
<![CDATA[Nuna USA Sena Giveaway]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/nunagiveaway/ After a busy day away from home, the last things you want to worry about are "an uncooperative cot and a fussy tot." The Nuna Sena  has zigzag leg design–pop open easily into a soft, sturdy dreamland, and then refold with just one hand for a quick getaway the next morning.

Enter to win the Sena from NUNA USA:

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<![CDATA[Alphabet Wall Baby Shower]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/alphabetshower/

For my third baby, I had a Virtual Alphabet Wall Shower! It was a really fun idea to celebrate this baby in a special and memorable way. (Thanks Pinterest!)
How does an Alphabet Wall Shower work?
There was an electronic invite(Evite) sent out to close friends and family inviting them to gift a letter of the alphabet for the nursery wall. Out of town friends were also included. Each person was invited to write a little note on the back of their letter. 
-Mild specs were provided-i.e. avoid pastel colors, approximate size, etc
-People sign up for a letter, so first come got the first pick! (I set aside 3 letters to do myself to help balance the design)
-Start early and set a DEADLINE! This is crucial so you can get the nursery done in time. 

I was nervous. What if the letters don't go together? What if it doesn't look good? In the end, the total randomness worked out. The wall turned out awesome and my older kids loved it! Such a special and personal way to decorate the nursery and celebrate our baby!
Fri, 25 Apr 2014 01:54:58 +0000
<![CDATA[Planet Wise]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/planet/ The Great Cloth Diaper Change 2014 is quickly approaching!  To celebrate, we are continuing our Diaper Days Giveaways.  We can't get enough of the darling prints and amazing diapers from Planet Wise!  Enter to win a prize pack below:

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<![CDATA[Mom Moments]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/mommoments/ Celebrating the joy and humor of everyday!

Undercover Mama presents, Mom Moments:

Mom Moments - Video Maker

Follow Undercover Mama .'s board Mom Moments on Pinterest.

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<![CDATA[Bumbledoo Diaper Giveaway]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/bumbledoo/ The GCDC is drawing closer so our celebrations continue! Enter to win a prize pack from Bumbledoo Diapers!

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<![CDATA[Watch Your Baby, Not the Clock]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/nursingbaby/ It is a question all new nursing moms seem to ask: When should I nurse my baby and for how long should I nurse? The answer? 

nursing baby


All babies are different and every baby has his or her way of showing you they are hungry.  As you watch your baby, you will start to recognize your baby's unique hunger cues. 

Hunger Cues:  rooting for the breast, hand to mouth movements, sticking out tongue, puckering lips, sucking motions with lips, squirming, stirring, rapid eye movement under lids, and fussiness.

Length: five minutes to more than thirty minutes!  There are many factors that influence the length of a nursing session including: your let down, your milk flow, whether baby is sleepy or easily distracted, nursing position, etc.  Watch your baby to see if they are full and satisfied.  They are finished when they turn away, slow down and become uninterested.

Every nursing baby and every breastfeeding mom are different.  There is not set time or length.  Watch your baby, not the clock!

Fri, 04 Apr 2014 03:49:31 +0000
<![CDATA[GCDC and Buttons Diapers]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/buttonsdiapers/ The Great Cloth Diaper Change Guinness World Records Diaper Changing Challenge is April 26th and Undercover Mama is a proud sponsor! We love giveaways so to celebrate, we are hosting cloth diaper giveaways all month long!

We are kicking off our celebration with Buttons Diapers.  They sent us a diaper to test and we loved it!  Buttons Diapers sells diaper covers made of sturdy and well constructed material. The double leg gussets were wonderful! We had no leaks and it didn't seem too tight on our cute baby's chubby thighs. The 2 in 1 system is amazing, it is so nice not to need a new cover for every change like the pocket diapers.  We give Buttons Cloth Diapers our Undercover Mama seal of approval.

Enter to win a Buttons Cloth Diaper prize pack that includes: 5 diaper covers, 5 diaper inserts, and a large wet bag!  The winner may choose colors and sizes.

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<![CDATA[Logan and Lenora]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/loganandlenora/ Of all the items we moms at Undercover Mama love, a wet bag is definitely one of them. Logan and Lenora make waterproof, washable, ecochic, quality constructed bags.  

We absolutely love the Wet+Dry Diaper Clutch. It can be used to carry either cloth or disposable diapers and wipes. As nursing mamas we have also found it useful to carry breast pads and nipple cream. Soggy pads go in the wet pocket, new clean pads in the dry pocket along with creams, nipple shield, or whatever else you might be using at the moment.  We love the darling designs and quality construction of Logan and Lenora bags and give it the Undercover Mama seal of approval.  

Enter to Win a Logan and Lenora Wet+Dry Diaper Clutch:

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<![CDATA[NüRoo Giveaway]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/NuRoo/ Coming home from the hospital after giving birth, you often have a lot of goals: breastfeeding, skin-to-skin, and let's not forget bonding and rest. Unfortunately for most of us, the lives waiting for us after we deliver are busy! Thus as moms, we have to find ways to meet these goals while we are constantly "on the go!" 

The moms at NüRoo set to work developing items to help busy moms.  With nursing scarfs, swaddlers, and their signature NüRoo Swaddler, they promote breastfeeding and skin-to-skin for "on-the-go" moms. They sent us the NüRoo Nursing Scarf to test and we love it! It is a scarf AND a nursing cover. Wear it as an infinity scarf, and then readjust the buttons to create a nursing cover. The material is soft and breathable and the scarf is very versatile!  We give the NüRoo Nursing Scarf our Undercover Mama seal of approval!

Enter to win the NüRoo New Mama Bundle below:


Thu, 27 Mar 2014 16:16:45 +0000
<![CDATA[Alternative Uses for Breastmilk]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/alternativeuses/  

Breast milk is the perfect super food! Its more than 100 components nourish infants to keep them healthy and allow them to fight off diseases and infections. These natural antibodies and amazing properties in breastmilk allow for uses not limited to nourishing babies. Here are just a few of the different ways we have found that people have used the healing properties of breastmilk:


1- Pink Eye: Many breastfeeding mothers have found that a few drops of breast milk in the affected eye a few times daily can help cure pink eye. Squirt a little in an eye at the first sign of crusty, sticky, glazed or pinkish.

2- Eliminate Cradle Cap: Massage breastmilk onto baby's head to aid in eliminating cradle cap.

3- Relieve Diaper Rash: Breastmilk can help ease the symptons of diaper rash. Apply breastmilk and allow to air dry.

4- Clear Up Baby Acne: Massage a few drops of breastmilk onto your baby’s face to help treat baby acne.

5- Sooth Eczema Symptoms: Massage a few drops of breastmilk onto affected area(s).

MOre Alternative Uses for Breastmilk

6-  Soothe a Burn- Put a few drops on the affected area to soothe.

7- Open a Stuffy Nose- Using a plastic syringe or bulb syringe, squirt a shot of breast milk into nose.  Suction any excess.

8- Soothe a Sore Throat- Gargle or swish (or just nurse your baby) breastmilk a few times in mouth to relieve a sore throat.

9- Treat a Cut or Scrape- Breastmilk is a natural antiseptic.  Due to the antibodies found in breast milk, specifically IgA, the liquid helps prevent germs and aids in the healing of cuts and scrapes.

*Consult your physician or lactation specialist.  These are suggestions and have not been scientifically proven.

Wed, 26 Mar 2014 20:16:17 +0000
<![CDATA[The Sili Company]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/silisqueeze/ The Sili Squeeze is a reusable, silicone food pouch intended for homemade baby food, purees, and smoothies, in addition to ready-made favorites like yogurt and applesauce made by the Sili Company. The BPA- PVC- and Phthalate- free pouches can be safely cleaned in the top rack of your dishwasher. They are eco-friendly and promote a cost-effective way of feeding your little one healthy, nutritious snacks and meals on-the-go!

They are easy to clean and fit perfectly into toddler hands. My toddler loved the Sili Squeeze with Eeeze! The free flowing spout allowed her to easily eat independently without making a mess while we road in the car and it was easier to sneak in more veggies!

The Undercover Mama Team is giving away the Sili Squeeze Prize Pack.  

Enter below: 


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<![CDATA[Crane Humidifier]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/humidifier/ Take a look at any New Mom Necessities List and you will most likely find a Cool Mist Humidifier. Why? Humidifiers offer many benefits:

1- Newborns are obligate nasal breathers for the first 4-5 months.  If a parent adds a little bit of humidity in the baby’s room it can help relieve any dry  or stuffy noses,  helping the newborns to breathe easier for sleeping and also while breastfeeding.

2- The FDAand American Academy of Pediatrics advise against using a cold medicine for children under the age of six.  Moisture from a cool mist humidifier can help ease cold and flu symptoms.  Cool mist humidity can also be helpful in relieving croup.

3- Humidifiers can help sooth itchy skin, moisten chapped lips and prevent nose bleeds.


Crane sent us the Drop Cool Mist Humidifier to review. 

Pros of the Cool Mist Humidifier:

-no filter! to replace or to clean. This is a big one.

-moisture output is great!

-sleek design looks nice on the shelf.


"The first humidifier we tried was the Frog Humidifier from Crane. We did not have a great experience. It was leaky & drippy and the motor started making noises a few months into use until it finally just stopped working. I was really hesitant to try Crane again but the reviews of the drop shaped one were so good that we wanted to give it another shot. It was amazing!" -- Elena

We love the Crane Drop Cool Mist Humidifier and give it our Undercover Mama Seal of Approval and we want to share one with you.

Enter to win below. This giveaway has ended.]]> Thu, 20 Mar 2014 03:39:45 +0000 <![CDATA[Stroll-Air Giveaway]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/strollair/ Feeling Lucky? We thought we would celebrate St. Patrick's Day with an incredible giveaway in the perfect shade of green! Enter to win a CosmoS Stroller from Stroll-Air. The Cosmos comes with everything you need! This light weight stroller includes an infant bassinet, reversible toddler seat with cover and child bar, diaper bag, large storage basket, mosquito net and rain cover! We at Undercover Mama haven't tried this stroller, but it looks amazing and everyone will be green with envy of the lucky winner!

Enter to win:

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<![CDATA[The Lactation Lanyard]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/lactationlanyard/ Being a new mom can be overwhelming. One of the most concerning questions new moms have is whether or not their baby is getting enough milk.  Understanding the size of a baby’s stomach can help alleviate some anxiety a mother feels when she is beginning her breastfeeding journey.  A newborn's stomach only needs 5-7ml or 1/2 tsp.

We love the Tiny Tummies Teaching Tool™. A safety breakaway lanyard with a teaching aid (Colostrum Card) and bead attached that explains exactly how much a baby needs. The bead provides a visual of an average newborn’s stomach capacity.

 It is empowering to show a mom an accurate size of the newborn's stomach capacity.  We love the work Labor and Delivery Nurses and other Lactation Professionals do to help mom's so we at Undercover Mama are giving away 25 Lactation Lanyards to show our support!

Enter below:

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<![CDATA[Mom Olympics]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/momolympics/ Inspired by the 2014 Sochi Olympics, we want to recognize that moms deserve some serious Gold! Undercover Mama presents The Mom Olympics:

mom olympics - slideshow

Follow Undercover Mama .'s board Mom Olympics on Pinterest.

Thu, 13 Feb 2014 03:27:32 +0000
<![CDATA[My Favorite Baby Carriers for Every Age. . . and Why]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/favoritecarriers/ Favorite Baby Carriers

I'm a mama on the go. I have 3 kids, the youngest is 9 months. I've been fortunate to have experience with a lot of baby carriers and I'll tell you which ones are my favorites. Some of the carriers I purchased or borrowed and some were given to me as gifts, but NONE were given by the manufacturer in exchange for review! This is 100% my honest opinion.

NEWBORN 0-3 months ish: (I have average size babies, around 7 lbs at birth.) My two favorite carriers for the newborn stage are BABY BJORN CLASSIC  and the BABY K'TAN BREEZE


1-The Bjorn is simple to take on and off compared to the Ergo style carriers. And the baby is so little at this age that I don't need the extra support those carriers offer.
2- It's very minimal, no bulk.

my favorite of the wrap style carriers, like MOBY & etc

1-It's half mesh! Sounds weird, but it helps vent air to avoid getting hot. Which I always am, even without a baby strapped to me!
2-It's also very easy to put on. It's perfect for newborn cuddles and keeps the baby cozy and warm. The final fab feature is that I was able to easily breastfeed my baby in the BABY K'TAN!  


INFANT 3 months-12 months: I tried the BOBA ($128) and the ERGO ($115). Both had really cute prints but my baby had other ideas, he wanted to face out! Also, my husband wasn't excited about wearing the cute prints so I was off on a quest for a great forward facing carrier. After much research, I discovered the winner and my favorite carrier: LILLEBABY ($110)


1-Great Ergonomic Design.
2-Fun colors that my husband could live with.
3-Forward Facing Feature that my baby loves! When he needs a nap, I still carry him facing me. Since I had the luxury of time, I signed up for their emails and was able to get one on sale!

12 Months Plus: The baby is getting heavier at this stage and I mostly use the carriers for hiking or longer adventures. I still love my LILLEBABY but often use the KELTY $150 . We love the Kelty for it's kick stand feature!

Please remember to each his own. What worked for me, may or may not work for you.

Good Luck and Carry On!


Fri, 07 Feb 2014 03:10:54 +0000
<![CDATA[You! Lingerie]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/youlingerie/  

You! Lingerie brings beautiful high fashion, playful and luxurious nursing lingerie to stylish moms at an affordable price. Their mission is to make breastfeeding mommies and mommies-to-be feel confident and look beautiful everyday! Their fabrics, designs and colors are made with a fashion-minded mom in mind. They exude luxurious sensuality, playful style and femininity in its wearer without sacrificing quality and the functionality of discreet feeding, support and comfort. Basically, giving mommies an Affordable Luxury!

We love You! Lingerie and their mission.


Mon, 03 Feb 2014 21:13:38 +0000
<![CDATA[Mastitis Relief- BoobyTubes]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/boobytubes/ Engorgement and even worse, Mastitis affect many nursing mothers.  One of the best ways to ease discomfort is through applying heat and cold.  The warm will increase circulation, moving the infection out, and cool will decrease the pain and inflammation. You can read more about reliving the symptoms of Mastitis here.

Booby Tubes® are natural, safe, gel-free breast packs made with a 100% organic cotton shell and filled with all-natural flax seed from Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics. Use warm or cold, depending on your nursing needs. They can be stored in the freezer to wear inside your bra between feedings to help reduce the swelling and tenderness of engorgement and to comfort breasts during weaning.  When heated, Booby Tubes® safely deliver warm, moist heat to tender breasts to encourage milk flow, maintain open milk ducts to prevent clogged ducts, promote let-down and comfort the symptoms of infection.

We love Booby Tubes! Coming from a mama that has seen almost "end of nursing" mastitis, these little coils of goodness are a must!  The heated comfort they bring are amazing and the cooling sensation will be just the ticket for when weaning comes.  We give Booby Tubes the  Undercover Mama seal of approval. We want to share them with you!  Enter to win a package of BoobyTubes and Nipple Butter from Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics:


Fri, 24 Jan 2014 04:11:41 +0000
<![CDATA[Dealing with Mastitis]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/dealingwithmastitis/ Dealing with Mastitis

Mastitis is usually brought on by a few things: an ill fitting bra, cracked or bleeding nipples, exhaustion, or skipped feedings and not fully emptied breasts that lead to plugged ducts.

While one of the most common treatments for mastitis is antibiotics(please consult your doctor) we wanted to focus on other natural remedies that will help ease the pain and discomfort and can aide in helping solve the problem, either working with antibiotics or any other route you may choose to take.

DO NOT STOP NURSING! Nurse as often as possible to keep the milk flowing. Also try pumping following the feed to ensure that your breasts get completely emptied.

FLUIDS: Drink lots and lots of water. You need this anyways but really try to focus on it!

HEAT and COLD PACKS - Apply heat/cold before and after nursing baby. The warm will increase circulation, moving the infection out, and cool will decrease the pain and inflammation.

MASSAGE: while nursing or pumping. Try gently massaging your breast toward the nipple to loosen clogged ducts

REST: This is one of the hardest things for new moms to find time for but getting enough rest is key to your health.  Do whatever you can to get rest and stay in bed.  

NURSING POSITIONS: Try varying the feeding position to increase breast drainage. The area of under the baby’s chin gets emptied the fastest so experiment with various positions to focus on the plugged duct.

Stay tuned for our next post that will deal with more Natural Ways to Relieve and Prevent Mastitis and Plugged Milk Ducts.

Wed, 22 Jan 2014 03:02:00 +0000
<![CDATA[The Top Cover]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/topcoverguide/

Introducing the newest member of the Undercover Mama Family, the Top Cover.

Top Cover

The Top Cover shirt provides the layered look and offers fuller coverage at the neckline without the length and bulk around your midsection.  Sometimes we just don't want to bother with multiple layers to pull down and adjust.

How to Wear the Top Cover

It gives easy access for breastfeeding! Just lift from the bottom.

Front Top Cover

It's reversible, for a higher or lower neckline based on preference.

Back Top Cover

It is also perfect for pregnancy!  You don't have to mess with undershirts to accomodate your growing belly.

For maximum coverage at both your neckline and midsection, combine the Undercover Mama with the Top Cover.

Sizing:  Top Covers fit true to size. If you wear a Medium in regular shirts order a Medium Top Cover.

We'd love to hear your feedback about our newest addition!

Tue, 21 Jan 2014 17:31:19 +0000
<![CDATA[Natural Ways to Increase Your Milk Supply]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/increasemilk/  

Almost all nursing moms at one point or another need a little bump in their breast milk production.  There are so many contributing factors to milk production, it is hard to keep it all straight.  Here are a few OBVIOUS, but often NEGLECTED, natural ways to increase your milk supply and keep nursing that baby.  

1- STAY HYDRATED- Your body needs fluid to produce milk! Keep water near you as a constant reminder, have a bottle of water easily accessible when you are nursing as well. Remember if you choose to drink caffeine that it acts as a diuretic so you will want to increase your water intake even more!

2- NURSE FREQUENTLY- The more milk you express, the more milk your body will make to keep up with demand. Make sure your baby nurses long enough to empty the breast.  You can even try pumping between feedings or marathon pumping to help amp up your production.


3- NUTRITION- A diet rich in vegetables, fruit, protein and whole grains is ideal for all of us. Some of the best foods to help naturally increase milk supply include: spinach, almonds, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, carrots, hummus, papaya, asparagus, brown rice, apricots, quinoa, and flax seed.

4- REST- This is easier said than done, especially if you are a working mom or have other children. It is sometimes irritating to get the advice to "sleep when the baby sleeps" as many of us do not have that option. Nevertheless, sneak in sleep wherever and whenever you can.  Let the house get a little dirty and go ahead and order take out for the family so you can rest as much as you can.  Don't be afraid to ask for help!

Thu, 16 Jan 2014 20:33:52 +0000
<![CDATA[Cushy Closer Giveaway]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/cushycloser/ Never wake a sleeping baby!  Those are the rules, right?  But sometimes it seems impossible to sneak out of the room after you put the baby down or to check on the baby while they are sleeping.  Enter Cushy Closer.  The Cushy Closer allows for quiet exit and entry through almost any door, it elminates to necessity to turn the handle, and it helps muffle door sounds.  We give the Cushy Closer our Undercover Mama seal of approval.  

Cushy Closer sent some for us to review and we love the praciticality of this product and the darling designs they offer.  

From Elena: The great thing about Cushy Closer is that my kids can't slam doors anymore! It avoids fingers closed in the door and the loud noise of slammed doors that often wake my sleeping baby.

3 Lucky Undercover Mama fans can win a Cushy Closer below:



Fri, 10 Jan 2014 16:27:30 +0000
<![CDATA[Side Lying]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/sidelying/ One of the best nursing positions for tired moms is the side lying position. This will allow you to get more rest in the early weeks which is something we all know moms need. Although this is slightly more difficult for many, the return is definitely worth it.  Remember not all women find every position works for them and their breastfeeding baby.

How To:

-Lie on your side with a pillow under your head. You may wish to put more pillows around you to find the most comfortable position. Some find a pillow between their legs helps with comfort. Remember if you are relaxed, then baby will be relaxed too.

-Place baby "tummy to mummy" lying on his or her side facing you with mouth in line with your nipple. (baby can lie directly on the bed or with your arm under him to support the head)

-Bring your baby to your breast not your breast to your baby!

-At first, you may have to flip over and move the baby from one side to the other to nurse on both sides. With time, many women have been able to figure out how to tilt over and breastfeed from the top breast as well (the baby will be more on his back than his side).

-Use caution to ensure baby's safety as you may fall asleep while breastfeeding.

Who its Best For:

This position is perfect for women who have had c-sections as the baby will not be putting any pressure on sore areas.  If baby can easily latch in cradle position, side lying isn't too far off.  This position is best for babies who are already self-latching.  

Fri, 03 Jan 2014 05:35:42 +0000
<![CDATA[Best of Breastfeeding Giveaway]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/bestofbrestfeeding/ To kick off the New Year we wanted to introduce some of our favorite Undercover Mama approved products for Nursing, and Pumping, moms.  

-All breastfeeding mothers need nursing pads. Bamboobies Nursing Pads are our favorite Nursing Pads – the only ones with a milk-proof backing and ultra-soft bamboo rayon and organic cotton velour.  They don't feel cold and clammy when we, and they are reusable so you will save a lot of money over disposables.   

-New mothers often suffer from sore and cracked nipples in the first few weeks.  Boob♥ease nipple balm is non-toxic, organic nipple balm that doesn’t need to be washed off before feeding like Lanolin does. This balm is amazing and keeps your nipples feeling soft and has healing power!

-The Bamboobies Brahhh is a maternity, sleep and nursing bra.  It is so soft and stretchy, made with certified organic cotton, spandex and bamboo rayon.  It has tapered straps that don’t fall down and offer easy pull-aside nursing access which is a necessity for tired nursing mamas.

-We love bamboo and oranic cotton, in case you haven't noticed.  The Bamboobies Nursing Shawl is a cute and practical way to cover up and it is made of that incredible soft fabric!

-At different times, most breastfeeding moms could use a little boost in their milk supply, not to mention a sweet treat. Milkmakers are lactation cookies can help promote an abundant supply of breast milk.  They are delicious and contain oats, brewer’s yeast, and flax seed can help increase breast milk production.  As moms we are busy and these cookies are perfect to help ensure you are getting what you need to keep your milk supply up.

-Pumpin Pal is a lifesaver for any Pumping Mom.  There are a number of amazing benefits from using the Super Shied angled Flanges but our favorites: milk ducts are less contricted which means less plugged ducts,  better flow and less irritation around the nipple.  If you are a pumping mama, you need these!

Enter to win some of our favorite products below:


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<![CDATA[Kalencom Quick Change Kits]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/kalencomgiveaway/ Have you ever found yourself somewhere with a baby that needs a diaper change and no changing table in sight? While you do have the options of laying paper towel on the floor, changing the baby in your lap or retreating to the car, we think the Kalencom Quick Change Kits may be the perfect solution. No more germy changing places!  Compact and convenient, this can be easily stored in our purse, diaper bag or car. It opens to a large diaper changing pad that folds out for easy access to diapers and wipes and comes with a baby wipes storage box. It is easy to wipe and clean and AZO phthalates free. Undercover Mama gives their seal of approval for the Kalencom Quick Change kits and we want to share them with our fans.

Enter to win a Kalencom Quick Change Kit Below: 


Fri, 27 Dec 2013 16:36:47 +0000
<![CDATA[The Football Hold]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/footballhold/ The football hold is the breast feeding position that many mothers find the most comfortable. In this position you tuck baby under your arm just like you would hold a football (on the same side that you're nursing from). The football hold lets you hold your baby's head allowing you to help baby latch.

How To:

If nursing on the right side,

-Hold baby with your right arm with baby's feet at your side. You can also place baby on the nursing pillow for more support.

-Roll baby in towards you in the "tummy to mummy" fashion, bringing baby as close as possible. Baby's bottom should be near the crook of your arm. Baby's legs should be tucked under your arm.

-Your forearm should be holding baby's back along the spine while your hand should be cradling baby's head and supporting his or her neck. Lift your baby up to your breast so he is able to take your nipple into his mouth and nurse. Allow your baby to latch-on while pulling him or her in close, "nose to nipple". Remember to bring your baby to your breast not your breast to your baby!

Who Its Best For:

This position is ideal for women who have had a C-section and want to avoid touching tender incisions and unwanted pressure.  It also seems to work better for women who have larger breasts, need a better view to ensure baby is latching on, or those women who have inverted nipples. Mothers of twins often find the football hold the best nursing position because it allows them to feed both babies at one time.

Did this position work for you?

Want more breast feeding positions?  Read about the Cradle Hold.

Mon, 23 Dec 2013 20:52:57 +0000
<![CDATA[The Cradle Hold]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/cradlehold/ There are so many different breast feeding positions and variations one could loose count. Since Undercover Mama is all about nursing, we thought it would be useful to share some of the most common breastfeeding positions. Regardless of the position, remember to bring your baby to your breast not your breast to your baby! We've got to save our backs, right?

When most people picture a mother nursing the Cradle Hold is most likely the image that comes to mind. The Cradle Hold is one of the most common breastfeeding positions. The main benefit of the Cradle Hold is that it encourages a more relaxed position and frees up your arm. 

How To:

Hold baby in your lap (or on a pillow on your lap) so that baby is lying on his or her side facing you, "tummy to mummy". Baby's face should be "nose to nipple". Tuck baby's lower arm under your own or around your waist if that is more comfortable. If baby is nursing on the right breast, rest his or her head in the crook of your right arm. Place your forearm under baby's neck and spine, with your hand supporting their bottom or upper thighs.You can support your breast with your other hand if needed.

Who Its Best For:

The Cradle Hold is most likely best for full term babies. While this position is quite common, it actually gives less support to baby's body and is found most effective once baby is a little older or has stronger neck muscles. It is also best for a baby who has no trouble latching.

Women who have delivered via C-section may find this position more difficult as it puts pressure on their sore abdomen.

Did this breastfeeding position work for you?

Thu, 19 Dec 2013 16:50:25 +0000
<![CDATA[Baby Wearing- Líllébaby Giveaway]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/babywearing/ We love baby wearing! In addition to the obvious convenience, baby wearing allows the child to feel safe and calm. There are so many benefits to baby wearing, we thought we would share a few of our favorites:

1- Baby Wearing can help in milk production! Milk production is boosted by close contact between infant and mom.

2- Babies who are carried regularly cried 43% less overall and 54% less during evening hours (researched by Hunziker and Barr 1986).

3- Baby Wearing increases hormone levels: Prolactin and oxytocin levels in the mother are increased through contact with baby. Increased levels of mothering hormones leads to easier breastfeeding, more responsible mothering and a more secure maternal bond (Babywearing, 2010).

There are so many options for baby carriers, but one of our new found favorites is Líllébaby. The Líllébaby Complete Carrier offers all-in-one carrying- front, hip or back; baby face in, out, or in fetal position. It is easy to use and offers comfortable ergonomic carrying. One lucky fan will win the Undercover Mama approved Líllébaby Complete Carrier. Enter below:


Fri, 13 Dec 2013 04:02:22 +0000
<![CDATA[Nursing Multiples- One Mother's Story]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/nursingmultiples/ After sharing an image of one of our favorite moms nursing her twins on Facebook, there was so much interest we decided to ask her to share her experience and inspiring success.

Nursing multiples was a terrifying thought to me when I found out I was having twins. I had two other children who I had breastfed, but nursing two babies sounded like a full time job with no breaks at all. When I delivered, I nursed them one at a time during my stay at the hospital, but once we were home and real life happened, I realized I would have to figure out a way to nurse them together to save on time and be more efficient. So I propped them up each in the football hold in my arms on my big twin sized boppy and gave it a whirl. After that feeding I felt like I deserved a medal of some sort! It worked, and they both guzzled my milk and somehow I wasn't crying in pain. 

We spent many hours together in my big lazy boy recliner chair with a boppy in my lap. (I ended up using a regular sized one) After a few months, the football hold was becoming too hard with their growing bodies. I found the best way was to lay one baby across in the cradle hold, and then lay the other on top of her sister's tummy in the same direction. I would switch them around every feeding, and it was an amazing thing to watch them interact and find each others hands to hold.

I actually loved nursing them together and looked forward to our special quiet time in that big chair.

We had 10 months of breastfeeding and I'm so happy it worked out so well. The key with multiples is to keep them on the same schedule. Whatever you do for one baby, you do for the other. If you do that, you'll somehow make it through.


Thu, 12 Dec 2013 17:35:58 +0000
<![CDATA[A Shirt a Day Giveaway]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/shirtaday/ We are grateful for all of our Undercover Mama fans.  We wouldn't be here without you. To celebrate, we are giving away a Shirt a Day all week long!  Enter below:

Mon, 25 Nov 2013 22:07:29 +0000
<![CDATA[Ju-Ju-Be Bag Giveaway]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/ju-ju-be/ What mom doesn't love a perfect diaper bag? Ju-Ju-Be makes the ultimate "BFF" diaper bag that has everything every mom is looking for: memory foam changing pad, insulated bottle pockets, cell phone pockets., luggage feet, detachable and adjustable straps, made from Teflon with AgION Antimicrobial Linings and Crumb Drains, yes we said crumb drains! We give this bag the Undercover Mama seal of approval. Enter to win your choice of Ju-Ju-Be BFF's below:

Wed, 20 Nov 2013 05:03:03 +0000
<![CDATA[Gender Reveal Party]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/genderreveal/ Gender Reveal Parties Are All The Rage!

 Having a baby is all about celebrating every milestone along the way! Gender reveal parties are perfect opportunities to include family and friends in your baby bump journey and add a new element to the surprise.

 How it's done: 

1-Bring your doctor in on the secret, ask him or her to put the baby’s gender in a sealed envelope to be delivered to a bakery.

2-Most bakeries are familiar with the idea of keeping the gender a surprise by filling cupcakes with corresponding colors for the sex (usually blue for boys, pink for girls).

3-Family and friends gather to find out the sex of the baby at the same time as the parents!


Morning-sick moms may not be up to biting into the cupcake, but dad won’t shy away from chowing down to know if they’ll be having a boy or girl.


Sharing the experience brings family and friends closer together and makes this joyful experience extra memorable!


How did you reveal your babies gender to your family and friends? 

Mon, 11 Nov 2013 17:11:35 +0000
<![CDATA[3 Sprouts $100 Giveaway]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/3sprouts/ Have you heard of 3 Sprouts? We just discovered them at the ABC Expo and can't get enough of their darling whimsical designs that double as practical storage for your home. We love them so much that we have given our Undercover Mama seal of approval and couldn't wait to share! Enter our giveaway below to win a $100 giftcard to spend on anything you fancy!  Check out all they have to offer here.

Fri, 08 Nov 2013 04:34:05 +0000
<![CDATA[Enter our Pumpin' Giveaway]]> http://undercovermama.com/blog/giveaway/ We reached 25,000 fans on Facebook!  To celebrate, we have an amazing giveaway!

Click here to enter!

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I am so excited to officially be launching the Undercover Mama Blog! It has been a dream of mine for years.  My name is Elisa and I am the president and founder of Undercover Mama, a company I launched as a stay-at-home mom on a shoestring budget.

A little about how Undercover Mama was founded...

Shortly after the birth of my fourth child, I became frustrated with the lack of options I had for nursing wear.  I didn't want to buy a whole new wardrobe to feel comfortable while nursing.  I was aching to get back into my regular, everyday clothes.  The problem I faced was when I pulled my shirt up to nurse in public I was left with my back, side and belly partially exposed; not something I loved showing off, especially after having a baby.  I wanted something to keep my skin "undercover", but I didn't want to deal with more clasps, flaps, etc. to dig through and do back up each time I nursed my baby.  When I didn't find what I was hoping for, I designed it myself.  I continued to make changes and improve it and realized how much I enjoyed wearing it.  I thought just maybe other mamas out there were looking for a solution to the same issues I had faced.  After many months of research and testing, Undercover Mama was born... and less than a month after the launch, I found out baby #5 was on the way!  After laying low through a difficult pregnancy and recovery, I decided that in order to give my fledgling business its wings it would take more than I was able or willing to give on my own with five little ones who needed me,  and I began to seek out a business partner.  I reconnected with a childhood friend, Elena, who is every bit as passionate about Undercover Mama as I am and we became business partners.  The Undercover Mama team has continued to expand to include several other mamas who you will get to know better in future posts.  Our hope as a company is that Undercover Mama can help other mamas around the globe find the comfort and style they desire so they can more fully enjoy the wonderful experience of breastfeeding.

My desire with this blog is to connect on a more personal level with all of our wonderful customers to whom we owe so much!  I don't want the blog to be limited to just breastfeeding topics, but everything "mommy".  Let the fun begin!

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